Looking for an alternative to Appsee?

You're in the right place. UXCam is the perfect session replay tool for you.

Four compelling reasons to choose UXCam

1. The most advanced behavior analysis tool

UXCam's dashboard is systematically laid out to give you a thorough behavior analysis of each part of your app.

Understand every session, every user and every screen.

You get it all - and more

2. Empathize with your users - as a team

UXCam is the only mobile analytics tool that supports full-screen session replays.

Through this, you can gather once per week with your team and watch how actual users put your app to use.

3. Gain a deep understanding of your users' journey

UXCam exclusively allows you to follow chronological sessions of your users, it will even do so automatically with the playlist function.

Gain a deep understanding of your users' journey image holder

4. Get transparent pricing

We do not hide much and are fully transparent with our pricing. Except for custom-tailored solutions, what you see is what you get.

Integrates with

  • MixPanel
  • Crash Analytics
  • Amplitude
  • Google Analytics
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FAQ Performance

Your app remains fast.

UXCam works in the background without any performance penalty.

FAQ Integration

Your time is valuable.

That's why integrating UXCam will take less than 5 minutes.

FAQ Privacy

Your users' privacy remains secure.

UXCam automatically blocks password fields and provides you with the tools to block identifiable information.