UXCam Update: Flutter, Segments, Design Changes

We made numerous changes to UXCam in the month of January. Here are three of the bigger ones. You can look forward to the next weeks as well, in which we will add entirely new features! Added Support for Flutter What is Flutter? Flutter is an open-source cross-platform mobile application development tool created by Google. Flutter apps are written in…

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Introducing Bluespace

You are out of ideas. You just spent 4.5 hours in an overpriced coffee place, but still: nothing. How do you improve conversions in your app from 0.01% to 56%? If only someone would help me with my mobile UX.. You have come to the right place. From now on, bluespace will help you to reach for the sky. We…

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A new product, a new team, a new UXCam

We are happy to announce to you that, based on your feedback, we completely rebuilt UXCam. Check it out here! We are excited to finally share with you what has been happening at UXCam in the last months. Our goal at UXCam is to give our customers a deep understanding of their users and enable them to deliver great experience…

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How to Create a Viral App in 3 Steps

To an app developer, a product that’s gone viral is one of the most lofty achievements that can be experienced. A viral app is one that users are eager to share across the internet through mediums such as social media, word-of-mouth, and email. It harnesses the power of the snowball effect, exponentially growing in size as people add to its…

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Methods of UX Research & Analytics

We are back to discuss UX Research & Analytics. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the number of methods that present themselves to start with your UX Research. In the following, they will be broken down. This table distinguish between methods of quantitative and qualitative UX analytics: (more…)