9 Key Lessons from ‘The Elements of User onboarding’

Your product is the mountain that your user needs to climb. You’re the Sherpa. Show him how wonderful it is at the top, remove any roadblocks and get him there. Samuel Hullick, thought leader on user onboarding, uses this analogy in his book “The Elements of User Onboarding” to show you how to overcome those hurdles and help you to onboard your users successfully.…

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Important Update regarding the new App Store compliance guidelines

Update April 15: We have a compliant SDK that removes the screen recording and instead uses the schematic representation of the app to draw shapes and visualize app-behavior. Learn more here: https://uxcam.com/blog/apple-new-guidelines-compliant-ios-sdk/  There is a new article published on App Analyst, in which a mobile expert found that the Air Canada iPhone app was not properly masking sensitive data on session replays gathered by another session recording tool. In response to this finding, Apple now requires…

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