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Mobile app metrics: essential metrics to track in your job role

Mobile app metrics to track for Product Manager In the mobile industry, the product manager plays a significant role. At the same time, a job position like this might cover different angles of responsibilities. However, there are some key app analytics metrics that all app product managers should look at.  Active App Users You can segment and...

May 23, 2022 by Iryna Lukashuk


What is app analytics?

Understanding mobile analytics Let's start with mobile analytics. These are analytics that track user behavior for apps on your phone instead of apps on your desktop. Mobile analytics gathers data from mobile app users to track and record behavior and report on an app's performance. They are used to improve retention, engagement, and conversions....

April 8, 2022 by Jane Leung


The Complete SDK Map 2022

Whether you design, code, test or analyze an app, you need different SDKs for different tasks. Some SDKs have an overlap in functionality, while others are specific to one single task. The right or wrong SDK can make your app run smoothly or fail. Google released the Google Play SDK Index at Google I/O. This serves as a great resources for...

April 6, 2022 by Annemarie Bufe

App Analytics

What is Mobile Analytics?

Why is mobile analytics important? Mobile analytics is important because we’re a mobile-first society. Mobile app downloads worldwide are expected to increase dramatically in the next three years. Statista projects that by 2025, consumers will download 187 billion mobile apps from the Google Play Store.  This means that not only will people be...

March 20, 2022 by Audrey Meissner

App Analytics

The Hotjar for mobile apps: UXCam

Which analytics solution is best for my platform? Hotjar does not support mobile apps. It only works on websites and web-based applications.  Hotjar launched a beta version of their web-based service as an app in 2017 and took it offline just one year later. The end goal was to create a software development kit (SDK) for their customers to track...

February 28, 2022 by Audrey Meissner