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Emotion Design – Building product with emotions and delivering experiences

People put Harley Davidson logo on their body to say something about who they are. Corporate logo. Ain’t no Procter and Gamble tattoo on anybody’s arm[..]

People put that tattoo not to say they own a motorcycle, they put the tattoo there to tell you something about themselves. 

What you have the ability to do is as designers is to create those symbols and allow people to use those things to say something about who they are.

- Simon Sinek, If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business1

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2016: Make it about delivering experiences over building product

Software delivering experiences Is Eating the

  • ‘Zappos’ broke it’s own personal record for longest customer service phone call with a conversation that lasted 10 hours, and that wasn’t even about helping with a support problem1.
  • Apple, a computer manufacturer who is not a retailer has hundreds of stores, where people can learn about apple product, engage with them and get help if needed.
  • Walt Disney, a mass media company, runs profitable theme park businesses, DisneyLand and DisneyWorld.
  • Uber’ and ‘Lyft’ are sweeping away the taxi service industry from foot.

Just like any companies, these companies also deliver product or services. But, they all have one thing in common that most companies don’t. They deliver more than product and services, they elicit and amplify emotions and delivers experiences.

Industry is transforming to an experience based economy

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