Speaking From Experience – The CEO’s Guide To UX

As a CEO, you’ll already know that your business begins and ends with the customer, or user.   Not to be confused with customer loyalty, the term ‘user experience’ embraces the relationship between customer and brand and is based on a wide range of factors.   As the name suggests, user experience is all about a customer’s perception of your brand -…

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Funnel Analysis: Ultimate Guide for Product Managers

You have had a unique idea. You transformed it into a product and now you’re sitting there wondering “well, what now?”. How do you bring the consumers in to turn your idea into profit?How do you increase your consumer retention? Well, no matter which of these questions you’re asking, an optimized conversion funnel analysis is critical for your product’s success.…

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10 Apps with the Best User Onboarding Flows

Everyone has their own approach to user onboarding. But we at UXCam think it's a good idea to reverse-engineer what successful players are doing to create your own flow. Let's look at 10 apps that get user onboarding flows right. (more…)

Mobile UX: What you should know

A great idea alone does not make for a great app. Mobile UX (=User Experience) and the design of your app are just as important for success. “...the average app loses 77% of its DAUs (editors note: daily active users) within the first 3 days after the install.” - Andrew Chen In order to decrease this number, you have to give…

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Mobile App Session Replay: 9 Ways To Use It

Imagine having the ability to understand where users struggle in real-world scenarios. It would be so easy to create a successful product that's being acknowledged across your whole network. Session Replay is a qualitative analysis solution that recreates sessions and replays videos with complete touch interaction of the users’ journey. Below we will discuss how this tool can aid you…

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