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30 Mobile App Best Practices: The Ultimate List

Mobile App UX Design Best Practices An intuitive UX Design directly translates to an increase in all product metrics and revenue. According to Forrester, investing in UX can result in an ROI of up to 9,900%. Here are UX Design best practices that’ll improve the KPIs of your mobile app: #1 Gather Demographic Data Let’s start with the basics: Do...

September 13, 2020 by Jonas Kurzweg


What is Product Management?

What is Product Management? Product management supports and manages all activities of a product’s life cycle from market analysis, to development, positioning, product launch, and marketing. The goal of a product manager is to analyze and understand the customers and develop a solution that not just solves the problem, but exceeds the customer’s...

September 12, 2020 by Annemarie Bufe


5 UX Ideation Tactics To Enhance Your Design

Analyze Deployed UX Designs Assuming you’re not working on your very first UX project, you’ve had your work implemented before, and there’s a solid chance that your current project is intended to serve the same audience that your previous project served. If so, the worst thing you can do is start from scratch, because you have a goldmine of...

June 22, 2020 by Kayleigh Alexandra