Guide: Turn unnoticed Push Notifications into value for you and your user

The most important reason that causes people to delete mobile apps is annoying push notifications.  There are little bits of information popping up the whole day that no one pays attention to. But there is an easy way to turn this anti-UX pattern into something useful and valuable for you and your user. You just have to pay attention to some…

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The key to intuitive UX – Gestalt Principles

You are confident that you decide where you put your attention on. That's right, but it's only half the truth. There are Principles that determine how people naturally perceive visual elements and you, as well as your users, are influenced by it, too. If you understand the Gestalt Principles you understand how to create a better UX. You will be…

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10 apps with the best user onboarding flow

We have previously written a book about user-focused onboarding (You can download it for free here). As a follow-up to this post, we will look at 10 apps that get it right. (more…)

The Ultimate Guide to KPIs for Mobile Apps

So you’ve created an awesome mobile app. The design is perfectly intuitive and visually stunning. It works even better than you thought it would. In fact, you are starting to wonder how you ever lived without it. You’re even starting to see some measurable results based on industry standard key performance indicators. Naturally, you hope that your audience likes it as much…

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