Introducing UXCam Funnel Analysis & Advanced Heatmaps

Introducing the newest update for the UXCam dashboard - Funnel Analysis

Funnel Analysis

The last few months have been full of improvements for UXCam – and we are continuing to move in this direction to deliver you even more value.

Today, we are excited to present you the brand new Funnel feature!

Funnel Analysis

What’s new?

UXCam Funnels allows you to map user flows, find out where users drop off and make changes with confidence.

When to use UXCam Funnels

  • Search for opportunities by getting to know the most successful action orders
  • Track and take care of bottlenecks
  • Understand where and why users leave

Why you want to start using it

  • Pinpoint steps with a high drop off and make changes accordingly
  • Use funnels as an easy-to-understand visualization in presentations with stakeholders
  • Save multiple funnels to track multiple user flows

How you can start using UXCam Funnels

It is already live in your account, create your first Funnel now.

Important: Funnels is only available on certain plans. Contact your account representative for information.

If you don’t have an account yet, create one for free here.

Advanced Heatmaps


One underperforming screen can have a big negative impact on mobile app KPIs.

Let a screen like this drag your app down OR fight back by performing screen analysis.

We have revised our Screen page to help with that:

More intuitive UX

The design of the screen page was revised to be easier to navigate.

Advanced Heatmaps

Heatmaps in UXCam have been improved by a big margin.You can now generate heatmaps based on particular gestures. Heatmaps for unresponsive gestures were added as well.

Start analyzing the new heatmaps now.

Introducing UXCam Funnel Analysis & Advanced Heatmaps