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Does Your Business Need Progressive Web App? [Infographics]

In the latest era of technology, the usage of mobile devices has seen a tremendous increase amongst digital media time. As digital users shift their choice of online connectivity from desktop to phone, companies worldwide feel the ongoing pressure to conform. Yet with an increase in emerging mobile applications, how does a company move forward to stay ahead of it’s leading competitors? It simply comes down to the next generation of leading mobile applications: progressive web applications.

Integrating the best of web with the most tech-savvy of apps – progressive web applications are innovative and responsive user experiences that meet certain requirements, services, and search engines that modern applications don’t. Think about this: on average, a person uses 25 mobile apps and 100+ websites per month. That’s a high count in mobile app switching, wouldn’t you agree? With progressive web applications, the high switch in mobile applications come down to a bare minimum. No installation necessary, progressive web applications work for every user, despite choice in browser, and loads as a full screen experience every single time.

Not convinced by the capabilities of progressive web applications just yet? Let the facts speak for themselves. Our infographic titled ‘Progressive Web Applications: Does your business need one?’, provides in-depth knowledge on why businesses should take the initiative to convert their applications progressively. Top-level companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple have already made the adjustment, so what are you waiting for? Stay current with the future and learn more about the upcoming progressive movement by checking this infographic below.

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