Top heatmap analysis tool for website and mobile apps

Heatmap aggregates user interactions (touch/tap, swipes, scroll) with your product enabling you to answer questions such as:

  • Where are users clicking and how well the CTA’s are performing ? (Click / Touch heatmap)
  • Which part of the product is being viewed and used the most ? (Attention heatmap)
  • How far along are users investing on your content ? (Scroll heatmap)
  • What path are users taking to perform an action ? (Mouse movement heatmap)

Heat map uses a color coded overlays to show the “attention areas”. We have looked at these various kind of heatmap here. In this post, we will look at top heatmap solutions for mobile and web.

Top heatmap solutions for web


Hotjar heatmap suite includes Mouse Movement heatmap, Click heatmap and Scroll heat map. The basic plan allows you to record the sample size of 2000 per day and it’s completely  free.  HotJar is not limited to Heatmaps, it offers other tools such as session replay, conversion funnel and feedback tool for conversion optimization.

Scroll heatmap


ClickTale’s Heatmap Suite includes Mouse Movement heatmap, Click heatmap, Attention heatmap and Scroll heat map. ClickTale is largely an Enterprise tool and also offer other conversion optimization tools such as Session Replay, Conversion Analytics and conversion optimization service.

attention heatmap


VWO offer click heatmap and scroll heatmap. VWO major offering of an A/B testing tools allows you to test targeting campaigns and generate heatmap accordingly. The heatmap tool comes bundled with the VWO plans, starting from $49/month billed annually.

 Mouse movement heatmap


CrazyEgg offers click heatmap and scroll heatmap but in addition it also provide overlay and confetti reports. The overlay allows you to see the number of clicks on each elements of the page and the confetti allows you to distinguish by segmenting through referral sources. CrazyEgg offers a 30-day free trial and basic plan starting at $9/- per month for 10K visitors.

crazyegg confetti heatmap


PTEngine offers click, scroll and attention heatmaps along with their analytics solution. It provides a 14-day free trial and a free basic plan.

PTEngine heatmap


Top heatmap solution for mobile apps

Heatmap for mobile apps are generated only when a users interacts (tap, swipe, scroll, zoom) on the screen and hence Click/Touch heatmap is the most popular for mobile apps. For each screen, generally there are two heatmap: one for each orientation.

Here are the top tools for mobile heatmap.


HeatData provides heatmap for mobile website and apps. HeatData provides a 30-day free trial and a pricing plan starting from $19/month.


Heatdata heatmap


Appsee offers a heatmap solution. Appsee has a 14-day free trial and a paid plan quote is provided upon request.

Appsee heatmap

UXCam (Yes, that’s us :) )

UXCam visual analytics tool includes Heatmap along with Session-replay and user flow. The rule-based recording allows you to record certain sessions only to run test and generate heatmap reports.

heatmap@2xCheck it out: UXCam

UXCam offer a forever-free basic plan for upto 10,000 monthly session and the paid plan $199/-mo for upto 2 million session. Sign up here.


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  1. / Arun Raj
    I'd like to add - CRO Tool in this list.
    Love this article. Also learn about Organic Heat Map Analysis
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