Actionable Insights for
Customer Success Managers

Session Replay and Analysis

Session Analysis
Unravel your users' experience.
  • Gain empathy for your users: Watch recordings of your users’ sessions, including all gestures and triggered events, and track their behavior.
  • Improve retention: Analyse why users leave your service - you can filter replays to save valuable time.
  • Solve customer struggles: Replay sessions for every ticket that is filed.
See your Users' Session

User Analysis

User Analysis
Understand your users' journey.
  • Ensure an easy onboarding: By watching chronological replays for your users, you will understand where they will need help in the onboarding process.
  • Keep your customers: Follow typical user journeys through chronological session replays and find out where and why they drop out.
  • Improve the anwer rate to your emails: Determine the top time and day that your app is being used by a user.
Understand your Users' Journey

Screen UX Analysis

Screen Analysis
Know every single screen.
  • Optimize your communication: Understand which features are the most important for your customers by looking at the screen usage time.
  • Gain a better understanding for your user: See on which screens your users spend their most time, how they switch between screens, which screens crash most often and from which screens your users exit.
  • Watch replays of individual screens: Watch sequences of replays for select screens only, which will help you to efficiently identify typical usage patterns and problems.
Optimize your Screens