See exactly where users are clicking on your mobile app

UXCam captures every touch interaction on your app visualizing it with high-fidelity mobile heatmap to understand user behavior.

Heatmaps uxcam

See where users' interact with your app

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Solve UX issues with Heatmaps

Reveal users' behavior

Get complete insights on each screens by seeing which part of the app screens user focuses the most and what they ignore

Optimize each screen

Optimize screens and Call-to-action based on users' behavior

Make decision with confidence

No more hindsight needed, make product decisions through analysis

See how to improve usability

heatmaps uxcam

Data that make sense

Heatmap presents large data into simple visual representation. Infact very simple - bright spots mean more interaction on that part of the screen.

Taking heatmap to next level with third party integrations.

Gain insights like never before with Session replay attached with every heatmap and every touch interaction

Session replay image showing heatmap and recordings on the bottom

uxcam third party integration

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