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UXCam is the leader in mobile app experience analytics. We empower product teams with contextual & fast insights.


All-in-one mobile app analytics

UXCam captures every micro-interaction in your app and then converts those data points into high-fidelity reports.

  • Session replays

    Record, analyze and share sessions and events to uncover app usage patterns. Discover the "why" behind user behavior.

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  • Event analytics

    Go from quantitative app metrics to qualitative insights. Replay sessions with custom events. Set up event-based funnels and zoom in on funnel segments.

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  • Screen flow analytics

    Get a complete overview of how users engage with and navigate through your app. Identify drop-off points and screens suffering from UX issues.

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  • Heatmap analytics

    Identify and fix design bottlenecks within your app. Uncover how users behave on every screen. Continuously improve UX to reduce churn and improve retention.

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  • Issue analytics

    Identify and resolve app crashes, bugs and UI freezes. Export technical logs and share impacted sessions with other teams to ensure smooth release cycles.

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UXCam is used by over 37,000 mobile apps around the world

Empower everyone on your mobile team

We are focused on helping our customers scale by leveraging contextual analytics. We ensure this by empowering every stakeholder with the right kind of UX metrics.

3 People talking and planning

Product team

  • Understand reasons behind user drop-offs and uninstalls
  • Incorporate UX feedback into ongoing research and development
  • Discover emerging user trends and propose new design solutions

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Growth team

  • Gain deep insights about customer in-app journeys
  • Identify key drop-off points, and analyze user segments
  • Collaborate with the product, design and engineering teams, and increase conversions

A man talking through headset

Engineering team

  • Quickly get to the root cause behind app crashes and bugs
  • Ensure high quality development and release cycles
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to prioritize key stability issues

Thanks to UXCam, we had a real light-bulb moment that led us to the key bottleneck where users struggled the most.

Gaurav Jain Lead Product Manager

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If something goes wrong within the app, UXCam is the first port of call to understand what's going on. It is an integral part of our launch and live ops strategy.

Costa Coffee

Daniel Tomlinson Global Digital Analytics Manager

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With UXCam, we get a holistic picture of the top performing content within the app and the instructors that drive the highest user engagement.

Inspire Fitness

Neil Jain Product Manager

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    Battle-tested SDK

    UXCam's lightweight SDK ensures smooth app performance. Video recordings are done on a background thread to maintain responsiveness. Data is uploaded when the app goes into the background.

  • icon security

    Privacy compliant

    Our legally compliant architecture keeps your data safe. We automatically block sensitive fields and provide you with the right tools to prevent sensitive data from ever leaving your user's device.

  • icon integration

    Easy integrations

    You can seamlessly integrate your existing analytics tools with UXCam. This allows you to build the perfect analytics stack for understanding user behavior by connecting the right set of solutions.

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Optimize your user experience

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    UXCam has successfully completed a SOC 2 Type 2 examination by Johanson Group.

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