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Amplitude and uxcam integration

Amplitude provides event tracking and advanced reporting capabilities to gain insight to your data sets.


UXCam captures screen recordings and physical touch interactions on your app allowing you to replay and analyze to fix issues

uxcam integration

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UXCam automatically blocks password field and provides method to block identifiable information

Send UXCam data to Amplitude

Associate a UXCam session replay with Amplitude event

// // Import UXCam and Amplitude header at the top of your AppDelegate.m
#import "Amplitude.h"
#import <UXCam/UXCam.h>

// Add this call as the first line of your
// application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method
[UXCam startWithKey:@"App-key from" appVariantIdentifier:nil completionBlock:^(BOOL started) {
   //Tag your Amplitude events with UXCam recording URLS. Example:
   NSMutableDictionary *uxcamURL = [NSMutableDictionary dictionary];
   [uxcamURL setValue:[UXCam urlForCurrentSession] forKey:@"UXCam: Session Recording link"];
   [uxcamURL setValue:[UXCam urlForCurrentUser] forKey:@"UXCam: User Recordings link"];
   [[Amplitude instance] logEvent:@"Dropped off at Checkout Page" withEventProperties:uxcamURL];
// Inside onCreate method of all activity that is an entry point to your app add
UXCam.startWithKey("App-key from UXCam");
UXCam.addVerificationListener(new UXCam.OnVerificationListener() {
    public void onVerificationSuccess() {
        //Tag your Amplitude events with UXCam recording URLS. Example:
        JSONObject eventProperties = new JSONObject();
        try {
            eventProperties.put("UXCam: Session Recording link", UXCam.urlForCurrentSession());
            eventProperties.put("UXCam: User Recording link", UXCam.urlForCurrentUser());
        } catch (JSONException exception) {
        Amplitude.getInstance().logEvent("UXCam URL", eventProperties);
    public void onVerificationFailed(String errorMessage) {


Get visual context of your users and events with a step-by-step session replay

uxcam integration

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