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Session Replay and Analysis

Session Analysis
Unravel your users' experience.
  • Start to understand your target group: Watch recordings of your users’ sessions, including all their gestures and triggered events.
  • Improve your PR: Gain the empathy that is needed to deliver the right brand positioning and messaging.
  • Find the right way to market your features: Understand the usage patterns of your app to make sure that you are marketing your features the right way.
See your Users' Session See your Users' Session
Session Analysis
User Analysis

User Analysis

User Analysis
Understand your users' journey.
  • Fix bottlenecks: Increase your conversion rates by seeing where and why users are dropping out.
  • Reduce churn rate: Follow typical user journeys through chronological session replays and find out where and why they drop out.
  • Optimize the timing of your campaigns: See the top time and day that your app is being used by your target group.
Understand your Users' Journey Understand your Users' Journey

Screen UX Analysis

Screen Analysis
Know every single screen.
  • Market the right features: Understand which features are the most important by looking at the screen usage time.
  • Watch replays of individual screens: Watch sequences of replays for select screens only, which will help you understand how to market each screen.
  • Increase conversion: Understand which Calls to Action are performing well and which are not by looking at heatmaps.
Optimize your Screens Optimize your Screens
Screen Analysis
Optimize your user experience
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