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App Metrics 101: Make Informed Product Decisions

Sophisticated Product Managers at Google, Microsoft or AirBnB know how to use data. This masterclass is for people that are serious about building analytics skills. 1. Learn what metrics you need to know to deliver great products 2. Get a strong understanding of quantitative & qualitative analytics 3. Master our proven metrics framework

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Your Instructors

Greg Prickril

Greg Prickril

Product Management Consultant and Co-Founder @

Greg has shipped products at IBM, Microsoft and SAP and is now a product management consultant, trainer, and coach, working to help product managers accelerate their careers.

Jonas Kurzweg

Jonas Kurzweg,

Head of Marketing @ UXCam

At UXCam, Jonas works with successful apps to help them improve their app's KPIs. As a marketeer, he's in touch with metrics and analytics every day.

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