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Know What to Measure

How to Use Multiple Analytics for Mobile Apps - Get our proven frameworks - Learn to create a customer-centric sheet to find your KPIs - Master choosing the fitting analytics tools - Set up your tech stack accurately

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Analytics are important. But many Product Managers still don’t understand what data should be measured to tell the real story of their product. That’s why we thought it’d be helpful to put a webinar together where we invite two experts that know how to set up and use tech stacks.

Your Instructors

Mark Waddoups

Mark Waddoups,

Sr. Product Manager @ WGU

Mark Waddoups is a versatile product leader with 21 years of experience. He works as a Senior Product Manager at Western Governors University, where he manages the successful myWGU mobile apps.

Christian Eckhardt

Christian Eckhardt,

Co-founder/CEO @ Customlytics

Christian Eckhardt is a mobile tech expert, accomplished product manager and the communicative brain of mobile technology consultancy Customlytics.

Jonas Kurzweg

Jonas Kurzweg,

Head of Marketing @ UXCam

At UXCam, Jonas works with successful apps to help them improve their app's KPIs. As a marketeer, he's in touch with metrics and analytics every day.

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