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UXCam helps companies to identify usability issues
on their mobile applications and make informed product decisions.

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Here's the truth,

In the competitive digital market, data driven decision making decides over a company's success or failure.

The tools that traditionally track “vanity metrics” such as page visits, DAU or MAU are unable to capture large micro-interaction data sets.

These legacy tools completely miss what matters: the user.

Stop App Users from Leaving

UXCam's solution gathers and processes complete user interactions and journeys from multiple sources.

Thanks to our team of data analytics experts, you'll automatically receive actionable insights for your app.

Improve your app's KPIs
with UXCam's powerful feature suite.

Session Replay
Session Replay
User analytics
User Analytics
Offline Recordings
Offline Recordings
Screen analytics
Screen Analytics
Crash Recording
Crash Recording
Funnel Analysis
Funnel Analytics
3rd Party Integration
3rd Party Integration
Avoid taking your app in the wrong direction

Avoid taking your app in the wrong direction

Did you ever wonder whether your new app version is doing better or worse than your previous app versions? Group your funnels by app version or device size and see the difference in performance. Watch the respective videos and analyze heatmaps to understand what is behind those differences.

User frustrations

See which user got frustrated

UXCam uses machine learning techniques to augment mountains of behavior data to identify patterns and uncover users who were frustrated by your product.

Segments users

Segment users

Segment users based on loyalty, amount of usage and triggered events. Understand the ways that different personas are using your app.

Enterprise Security

  • GDPR
  • EU-US shield
  • SOC 2 Type 2
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