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Session Replay and Analysis

Session Analysis
Unravel your users' experience.
  • Stop the guesswork: Watch recordings of your users' sessions, including all their gestures and triggered events.
  • Zero in on what's important for you: Filter sessions for crashes, visited screens or custom events, to save valuable time and solve bugs and UX issues lightning fast.
  • Put the customer back in focus: Put your users' experience in focus for your team - show sessions in fullscreen, for example at presentations or in meetings.
See your Users' Session See your Users' Session
Session Analysis
User Analysis

User Analysis

User Analysis
Understand your users' journey.
  • Optimize your onboarding: Do you want to keep your new users? Reduce churn rate by watching and analysing the onboarding sessions of your users.
  • Increase your retention: Follow typical user journeys through chronological session replays and find out where and why they drop out.
  • See usage statistics of each user: See statistics of when, where and how users use your app - get to know how different personas are using your app in different ways.
Understand your Users' Journey Understand your Users' Journey

Screen UX Analysis

Screen Analysis
Optimize every single screen.
  • Understand the impact of each screen: See on which screens your users spend their most time, how they switch between screens, which screens crash most often and from which screens your users exit.
  • Watch replays of individual screens: Watch sequences of replays for select screens only, which will help you to efficiently identify typical usage patterns and problems.
  • Visualize usage patterns: Use heatmaps of each screen to see typical usage patterns and identify critical elements in one glance. Understand which Calls to Action are performing well and which are not to improve your conversion.
Optimize your Screens Optimize your Screens
Screen Analysis
Optimize your user experience
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