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Introduction to UXCam

Change the behavior of guessing about your users' experience.
Start to experience your users.

Unravel your users' experience

Unravel your users' experience.

Spend more of your time being customer focused by watching precise replays of your users' sessions - in normal or full screen mode.
Find the right replays immediately by filtering for specific events and users.

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Understand your users' journey

Understand your users' journey.

Get crucial insights into user journeys within your app.
See at exactly what time, what day and how long users use your app. Improve your retention by analyzing chronological replays of your user being onboarded - and by comparing the behavior of experienced users and new users.

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Optimize every single screen

Optimize every single screen.

Identify issues and increase conversion fast - by analyzing statistics, interaction heat maps and session recordings for any given screen.

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Full Privacy

Full Privacy

Your users' privacy remains secure.
UXCam automatically blocks password fields and provides you with the tools to block identifiable information.

High Performance

High Performance

Your app remains fast.
UXCam works in the background without any performance penalty.

Ease of Integration

​Ease of Integration

Your time is valuable.
That's why integrating UXCam will take less than 5 minutes.

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