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Top heatmap analysis tool for website and mobile apps

Heatmap aggregates user interactions (touch/tap, swipes, scroll) with your product enabling you to answer questions such as:

  • Where are users clicking and how well the CTA’s are performing ? (Click / Touch heatmap)
  • Which part of the product is being viewed and used the most ? (Attention heatmap)
  • How far along are users investing on your content ? (Scroll heatmap)
  • What path are users taking to perform an action ? (Mouse movement heatmap)

Heat map uses a color coded overlays to show the “attention areas”. We have looked at these various kind of heatmap here. In this post, we will look at top heatmap solutions for mobile and web.

Top heatmap solutions for web

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The complete guide for getting started with heatmaps


Traditional analytics tools shows ‘charts and graphs’ and answers your quantitative questions such as ‘What’ and ‘How’ but they fail to explain ‘Why’. Putting it another way, the traditional analytics tools gives you the holistic view of which part of your product needs attention, however, it doesn’t tell you which part of the page needs rework.

This is where qualitative analysis comes in plays, allowing you to make decisions based on understanding user’s actual experience with your product. Learn more about the differences here.  One the key offering of Qualitative tool (including UXCam) is Heatmaps, which we will talk about in this post.

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