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Stop users from dropping out

Set up conversion funnels for your app in minutes. Understand where users drop off and find hidden trends.

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Create multi-step
funnels in seconds

Funnels are visualized with retroactive data from your app’s session recordings. Without any instrumentation, you can start creating multi-step funnels that visualize in-app user journeys.

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Measure conversions across segments

Break down every step of the conversion journey with custom events that you already track. By grouping funnels based on device or user properties, you can easily compare and measure conversion percentages across segments.

Dashboard with session replay

Understand typical drop-off behavior

At each funnel step, view the sessions or users that dropped off and did not proceed to the next step. At the click of a button, replay these sessions to investigate the behavior leading to drop-offs.

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Analyze complex user

Conversion paths are rarely sequential. With the option to create funnels for user journeys across the same or different number of sessions, you get visibility into complex user conversion behaviors.

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Thanks to UXCam, we had a real light-bulb moment that led us to the key bottleneck where users struggled the most.

Gaurav Jain Lead Product Manager

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If something goes wrong within the app, UXCam is the first port of call to understand what's going on. It is an integral part of our launch and live ops strategy.

Costa Coffee

Daniel Tomlinson Global Digital Analytics Manager

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With UXCam, we get a holistic picture of the top performing content within the app and the instructors that drive the highest user engagement.

Inspire Fitness

Neil Jain Product Manager

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