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Eric Nakagawa

Added UXCam to my app in < 2 minutes. Sweet product for figuring out what users actually do in app.

Facebook Developer Advocate

See your app through user’s eyes

Roe at

Understanding users and finding where they are struggling is now as easy as clicking play in UXCam. Such an awesome product.

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See your app through user’s eyes

UXCam captures screen recordings & physical touch interactions on your
app allowing you to replay and analyze user experiences.

Quick Integration

// Import UXCam header at the top of your AppDelegate.m
#import <UXCam/UXCam.h>

// Add this call as the first line of your 
// application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method
[UXCam startWithKey:@"App-key from"];
// In every activity that is an entry point to your app add
import com.uxcam.UXCam;

// Add this call inside onCreate method.
UXCam.startWithKey("App-key from");

The integration is 2 lines of code. It automatically detects screens and events so no additional instrumentation is required.

Lightweight code with zero performance penalty

Less than 20KB during runtime. The code works ​​in background without any performance penalty.

Control recordings remotely

Control recordings from the dashboard including when and what to record or to turn off completely.


UXCam automatically blocks password field and provides method to block identifiable information

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