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How increased feature adoption by 20% with UXCam

REAL ESTATE is India’s leading online real estate platform.

After the merger with PropTiger in 2017, Housing became the largest demand aggregator in the Indian real estate marketplace. Every third homeseeker in India searches or completes a transaction on their app.

UXCam features used:

  • Session Recording
  • Event Analytics
  • Heatmaps

> 5M installs

on Google Play Store

20% increase

in feature adoption achieved

We now use UXCam to validate our product ideas and test out hypotheses with raw, actionable user insights.

Gaurav Jain

Lead Product Manager

The challenge

Amidst the cut-throat and booming Indian real estate market, has firmly positioned itself as a leader in the realm of digital marketplaces. The Mobile Product team has played a crucial role in the success journey of, consistently adding new features that enabled user retention and growth. With an ever growing number of users, the scale and complexity of product challenges also started to increase. Perhaps the most important challenge was around conducting thorough user research to get quality feedback. There was no standard process to collect unbiased user feedback. The Housing team was looking for better research tools that enabled the Product team to strategize better, and create roadmaps built around key research insights. Both the Product and Analytics teams wanted a higher level of visibility into qualitative user data to understand how users interacted with and derived value from the app. “We tried to work around this problem by doing in-person interviews,” says Gaurav, the lead PM looking after search & discovery spaces of app. But for a B2C app in a crowded space, this was not a sustainable long-term solution. With tools like Google Analytics and Firebase, the team was already getting the relevant quantitative insights. But the lack of qualitative user feedback meant that there was no clear cut process for testing out hypotheses and measuring results.

The solution

Gaurav then looked at what solutions were available for mobile experience analytics. When he started using UXCam, one of the first things that he did was to sit down and look at session recordings for the latest features that his team had released. He immediately noticed actionable insights. There was an obvious difference between the intended functionality of the new feature and how users actually interacted with it. The Product team started reviewing 50 to 100 user session recordings daily. This exercise revealed some interesting patterns: They quickly identified the primary instances that affected the in-app user experience. The team investigated the reasons behind low adoption rates for certain app features and formed hypotheses around their usage with the insights from session recordings.

Smartphone with app on the screen

The biggest breakthrough came while the team studied the adoption patterns for the in-app search function. For marketplace B2C apps, in-app search tends to show high usage activity. In the case of, users search for new houses by adding multiple areas to their search query. But the team saw that only about 20% of the entire user base actively used multiple search areas. By viewing session recordings of specific cohorts — like users who rage-clicked while using the search bar — the team concluded that a majority of users wanted to search for houses across multiple cities in a single go. Users struggled to manually add new cities every time they searched.

Thanks to Session Recording, we had a real light-bulb moment that led us to the key bottleneck where users struggled the most. We identified a potential opportunity for driving adoption.

Gaurav Jain

Lead Product Manager

The team revamped the design of the search bar. Users could now select multiple locations easily. With heatmaps, quickly validated their test results and found the most optimal solution with the highest level of engagement. The new search functionality has steadily become one of the top used features, with the adoption rate growing from 20% to 40% of the entire user base. The Product team leveraged the power of mobile experience analytics and became experts at using unbiased usage data to drive adoption and growth strategies.

What’s next?

We now use UXCam to validate our product ideas and test out hypotheses with raw, actionable user insights.

Gaurav Jain

Lead Product Manager

UXCam has helped the Product team transform their user feedback collection process and has formed an integral part of the app analytics stack. As continues to expand into more cities within India, the team has created a consistent, scalable approach to idea validation. They now test and measure results with the help of UXCam.

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