Your Full Guide to Mobile Website Conversion Optimization

Most optimizers believe that things that work on desktop work on mobile too.  But at, where we power thousands of mobile website A/B tests, we know this doesn't hold for most websites. In fact, we regularly see checkout pages with double digit conversion rates on desktops hardly converting on mobiles. We also see many successful lead-generating desktop pages reporting…

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Mobile Marketing isn’t the future – it’s the present!

Before doing research for this article I wanted to tell you that mobile marketing is the future. But actually, the world becomes more mobile-centric every day–it’s the present. If you haven’t thought about it yet, you’re already behind. But don’t worry! It’s not too late to start now! If you work on a mobile app, mobile marketing can drive your…

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User Journey: The Complete Guide

To satisfy your user, you have to start thinking like a user and not like a product manager. “...maximizing satisfaction with customer journeys has the potential not only to increase customer satisfaction by 20 percent but also to lift revenue by up to 15 percent while lowering the cost of serving customers by as much as 20 percent. ” -…

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