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How UXCam Can Help You Identify Onboarding Issues

Time Aberrations
When was the last time you downloaded an app or visited a web page, had a quick glance over the welcoming content and, after slight hesitation, closed it? Unwelcoming interfaces are everywhere; complex instructions, long tutorials or lengthy registration forms often push potential users away. As a developer or manager, we understand exactly how our app works and the steps needed to achieve something, but users don’t.

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9 key lessons from ‘The Elements of User onboarding’

Your product is the mountain that your user needs to climb.

You’re the sherpa. Show him how wonderful it is at the top, remove any roadblocks and get him there.

Samuel Hullick, thought leader on user onboarding, uses this analogy in his book “The Elements of User Onboarding” to show you how to overcome those hurdles and help you to onboard your users successful.

In this article, we will summarize the key learnings from the book to help you skyrocket your Onboarding.
Credits are to Samuel, all mistakes and important omissions are mine.

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