10 Apps with the Best User Onboarding Flows

Everyone has their own approach to user onboarding. But we at UXCam think it's a good idea to reverse-engineer what successful players are doing to create your own flow. Let's look at 10 apps that get user onboarding flows right. (more…)

9 Key Lessons from ‘The Elements of User onboarding’

Your product is the mountain that your user needs to climb. You’re the Sherpa. Show him how wonderful it is at the top, remove any roadblocks and get him there. Samuel Hullick, thought leader on user onboarding, uses this analogy in his book “The Elements of User Onboarding” to show you how to overcome those hurdles and help you to onboard your users successfully.…

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Skyrocket Your App With User-Focused Onboarding

At UXCam, we are helping companies to improve app user experiences on millions of devices every day. Through this journey, we came to understand: Onboarding matters. Onboarding is: The first point of contact with your new users.The process which makes your users familiar with your app.The chance to activate your users.The first impression users get from your app & brand.…

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How Evernote designs its Onboarding Process

During the last weeks I’ve published different articles about what onboarding is, how you can design it and why you should think user-centric. Now I want to take a closer look at a successfully designed onboarding process. Evernote uses a combination of all three types of onboarding I’ve explained in the article “How not to lose users during app onboarding”.…

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4 Actionable Tips on App Onboarding by David Jones

Are you happy with the onboarding of your app? Yes? No? Maybe?Whatever the answer is, you should listen to what David Jones has to say about the topic. Here is why: David has founded three start-ups in his lifetime, his first one exited with over 1B Australian Dollars earlier this year.His latest company, Pointzi, seeks to improve the onboarding of…

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