The Perfect Appsee Alternative After the Acquisition

If you are looking for an alternative to Appsee or a powerful mobile analytics tool, you should start a free trial with UXCam.

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Appsee shut down after being acquired back in 2019. Since then, their users have had to look for an Appsee alternative. Look no more!

Appsee was acquired by ServiceNow. We congratulate the Appsee team for having taken this step. Part of the acquisition deal was that Appsee’s service would shut down, and the Appsee R&D team would join ServiceNow upon the deal closing. 

This meant a lot of changes for their customers. If you were one of them, fortunately for you, you do not need to worry about the transition. If you are looking for an alternative to Appsee or just for a powerful mobile analytics tool, you should start a free trial with UXCam.

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UXCam is the market leader in qualitative mobile analytics. We enable you to see and understand the why behind your key app metrics.

Our powerful visualization features — including session replay, heatmap and machine learning tools — enable you to see exactly how users engage with your app. They also pinpoint specific areas for improvement and help you make better, data-informed decisions for your product. No more guesswork needed.

Hundreds of the world’s best app makers trust UXCam for qualitative in-app analytics. Some examples are Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, Costa Coffee, OLX and Delivery Hero. 

We can split the UXCam analytics approach into the four following categories: capture, visualize, analyze and integrate.

Read more to know what we mean by that.

1. Capture

Install UXCam in under 5 minutes. We capture complete microinteraction data — every gesture, every tap and every event — without instrumentation, saving enormous engineering resources.

2. Visualize

UXCam analyzes the microinteraction data gathered and provides you with powerful visual tools such as:

  • Session replay and analysis.
  • Screen heatmap and analysis.
  • Rage tap heatmaps.
  • Unresponsive gesture heatmaps.
  • User profile and analysis.
  • Usage statistics.
  • And more.

You can start a free trial with UXCam here — no strings attached.

Session replay and analysis give you revealing insights into how users use your app. The recordings include tapping, typing, scrolling, swiping, rage clicking, other gestures, and much more. With UXCam’s advanced filtering mechanism, you can easily search and find specific sessions. This makes UXCam a more comprehensive Appsee alternative than Appsee itself.

appsee alternative session recording

Touch heatmaps show you where most of the users’ taps, scrolls and swipes are placed on the screen and which parts they ignore. They aggregate all the collected data about how users interact with the app and highlight the areas of the screen where the most — and the least — gestures take place. UXCam also warns you when certain elements aren’t performing well and are getting users frustrated.

appsee alternative heatmap

3. A True Appsee Alternative for Analytics

To get the most value out of your data, UXCam has developed a tool to utilize the recorded sessions and captured data. User issues like rage taps get highlighted automatically. UXCam allows you to analyze the general performance of your app as well as every individual screen. Moreover, you get a full 360° picture of your users.

You can also get a quick but thorough overview of your app, so you gain insights into your app in one look — without having to search for individual sessions manually. Usage statistics and UX statistics help you understand how your app gets used and where the issues occur. It allows you to empathize with your users and understand their frustrations.

In addition, if you want to access and analyze the raw data by yourself, you can do so with our CSV export or through our API.

appsee alternative

4. Integrate Existing Tools

You can integrate UXCam’s sessions into your existing tools to get visual context for your crash reports, support requests, and more. We want to help you deliver the perfect user experience for your app. Because we know that we won’t replace every tool you use, you can integrate your existing ones with UXCam.

appsee alternative tools

Bottom Line: UXCam is the perfect Appsee alternative.

Try out UXCam for free here.


What’s the best alternative for Appsee?

The best alternative for Appsee is UXCam App Analytics. UXCam has features you know from Appsee such as Session Replay, Heatmaps, Funnel Analytics or Crash Analytics.

Why did Appsee shut down?

Appsee got acquired by ServiceNow in May 2019. ServiceNow decided to discontinue Appsee’s services.

The Perfect Appsee Alternative After the Acquisition