About Us

We are an enthusiastic team distributed across three continents, driven by a common vision.

Our Mission

"Enable businesses to deliver the best experience."

We are in the midst of an once-in-a-century shift in business models. Consumers are choosing experience over services. UXCam is at the heart of this shift: We want to enable businesses to cut through the competitive landscape and establish themselves as an experience business.

Our Ambitions

At UXCam, we have three ambitions that unite us

Best Product

Best Product

We want to provide you with the best qualitative analytics tool for mobile out there. Simple as that.

Best Customer Service

Best Customer Service

We are striving to provide you with a fast, transparent and satisfying customer support that exceeds expectations.

Thought Leaders

​Thought Leaders

We are doing our own mobile UX research and make sure to provide leading edge knowledge to our customers.

Our Company

UXCam was founded by a team of interdisciplinary experts. Our Co-Founders have backgrounds in UX, Mobile Development and Data Analysis. We saw the need for businesses to understand their users with an easy-to-use UX tool.

Fast forward a few years: UXCam has established itself as a market leader in mobile UX Analytics. Hundreds of customers are using our product on millions of devices every day.

We achieved this by bringing on board the best talents from around the globe, while nurturing a culture that supports open feedback and constant improvement.

Our Leadership Team

Kishan Gupta UXCam

Kishan is an Co-Founder and the CEO of UXCam. He drives UXCam’s strategic vision.

Prior to UXCam, Kishan was a researcher in Mobile Usability and testing, where he first saw the opportunity to revolutionize mobile analytics to deliver a great user experience.

Kishan holds a M.Sc. in Information Security from the University College London, where he demonstrated vulnerability in multiple smart card security system. He enjoys reading, cooking and being in nature.

Kishan Gupta


Silavanus UXCam

Silvanus finished his M.Sc. in Mathematical Modelling with distinction (and the prize for the best Master thesis) at the University College London.

Afterwards, he completed his PhD in Theoretical Biophysics at the Max Planck Institute of Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden and the Francis Crick Institute London, where he developed simulation software and applied it to answer questions in cancer and development.

Silvanus joined UXCam in 2017 as a Co-Founder and Head of Product, to apply his vast experience in quantitative, computational and modeling tools to help companies analyse and thus improve their apps’ User Experience.

Dr. Silvanus Alt

Head of
Product & Engineering

Richard Grooves UXCam

Richard is one of the Co-Founders and the Head of Mobile of UXCam.

He is an experienced developer and successful entrepreneur, with UXCam being the third company that he co-founded.

His first company was Pure Entertainment Games, which IPO'd in 1999.

In 2010 he founded NoodlFroot, a game and app consultancy that focuses on iOS development. Richard holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University College London.

Richard Groves

Head of Mobile

Jonas UXCam

Jonas is the Head of Marketing at UXCam. His passion for UX motivates him to help app makers be user-focused.

Besides that, he loves to go climbing and playing chess. You can connect with Jonas on LinkedIn .

Jonas Kurzweg

Head of Marketing

Susan UXCam

Susan is Head of Customer Success at UXCam. She's thinking day and night about customer's happiness and satisfaction.

Before UXCam she spent 4 years building a Customer Success team in one of the Polish startups.

In the meantime, she finished her master studies by writing a thesis on her favorite topic - customer success. She also loves travelling and reading. You can connect with Susan on LinkedIn .

Susan Ostojska

Head of
Customer Success

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