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5 Best Product Management Conferences (with Live-Streaming)


18 March, 2020

Sam Makad
Graziele Costa Moreira
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Dozens of the best product management conferences are held each year, attracting thousands of product professionals all over the world.

Amid the fast-spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and due to health risks and concerns of attending in-person large public events, many product management conferences worldwide scheduled to take place in the upcoming weeks have been either postponed or canceled.

This includes big tech events of the year such as Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and Google I/O in Mountain View, and Facebook F8 in San Jose, both in California.

Check the full list of postponed or canceled events worldwide here.

The growing concern over the coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced event organizers to approach this situation carefully moving mass live events to the online safe environment instead.

With that in mind, we at UXCam have compiled a list with the best Product Management Conferences to keep up to date with the new trends and industry best practices, few of them from the comfort of your home.

ProductCon San Francisco

Screen Shot-2020-03-12-at-22701-PM-1024x464png

Watch live stream sessions of the largest Product Management Conference of the world.

Get a free ticket to watch the live stream of one of the largest & best Product Management Conference in the world, ProductCon San Francisco.

Organized by Product School, the conference brings product speakers from top technology companies such as Facebook, Google, Netflix and PayPal to share insights about AI, VR, IOT, and Blockchain.

With the Free ticket “you will also get access to all presentations and video recordings after the conference.”

Product Impact

Product_Impact_Jan19_2020 1024x576-1png

Product Impact 2020 – Online Conference

Although not as big as ProductCon San Francisco, Product Impact is a one-day conference that promises to level up your product skills through practical exercises and training so you can put everything you learned into practice the next day!

The conference is not a live-streaming event, but you can buy a video-only ticket to have the chance to hear from Product Designers, UX Designers and Product Leads from companies such as Shutterstock, Fiverr and Goldman Sachs among many others.

Product Impact shares interesting stats of its conference. At least 50% of the speakers are women. Another extra incentive to attend Product Impact Conference is the Product Impact Scholarship Program.

App Growth Berlin

Screen Shot-2020-03-12-at-22810-PM-1024x473png

App Growth Summit Berlin 2020 has live-streaming sessions.

Mobile Product Manager and looking to expand your horizon?

Just around the corner right after the ASO Conference, the third App Growth Summit will take place.

Although that is not a virtual conference, there will have live-streaming sessions to discuss app growth strategies for Mobile Apps. Both events, ASO Conference and App Growth Summit gathered industry experts to share tactics and strategies you should not miss on.

If you rather attend both conferences in-person to get the most out of them, there are still tickets available. However, the App Growth Summit is an invite-only event.

MTP Engage Hamburg

Hamburg web-overview-feature-imagejpg

MTP returns to Hamburg, this time in a new location at the Theater Kampnagel.

Doors will be open from 8am to 6pm and you can expect plenty of presentations throughout three days with countless opportunities to mingle and learn from brilliant speakers.

So far, the event organizers have not cancelled or moved the event to live-streaming. However, you should not wait until last minute to make a decision, the early bird conference tickets have already sold out!

Although most of these sessions will be held in German there will have still room for presentations in English for the international community. The third MTP Engage edition had over 350 people and this fourth edition is also promising a big crowd.

Tickets for the product management conference does not give you access leadership forums and deep-dive workshops, therefore you should ensure to buy them separately and beforehand.

Product Management Festival


Be positive and plan for the future. The ARENA Cinemas Zürich, Switzerland is where you want to be for the Product Management Festival.

No, there is no plan to move online, so hopefully, you can step out of the comfort of your home and learn product secrets from leading companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, SAP, Spotify, Oracle Microsoft (previous edition, 2019) right there on the spot.

The best product management conferences are a great opportunity to learn and gain insights from industry peers, exchange important information about common interests and establish relationships that can become businesses, job opportunities.

Either in-person or online whichever way you choose to attend you can enhance your experience even further.


Are there any conferences that we missed? Let us know in the comments!


Sam Makad
Graziele Costa Moreira

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