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App analysis: Tinder vs. Bumble


2 November, 2021

Angela Gomez Sanchez
Ángela Gómez Sánchez
app analysis tinder vs bumble

Tinder is, unequivocally, the champion of dating apps. Many have tried imitating it — their swiping left and right has become a popular way of making decisions — because it revolutionized the dating market like online dating websites did in the 90s.

Bumble showed up out of nowhere and achieved what others couldn’t: focusing on connections — romantic or otherwise — and founded by Tinder’s former co-founder, Whitney Wolfe. It quickly became a fierce competitor that goes beyond dating.

Both apps seek to serve as a bridge to connect users. UX plays a huge role in how effectively they fulfill their purpose. 

Tinder app Bumble app likes beeline

The “Likes” section on the Tinder app versus the “Beeline” on the Bumble app


Tinder app Bumble app chat

Video chat on the Tinder and the Bumble apps


How did these two apps change the world of online dating forever? What features and design choices facilitate the ability to make a connection? And, of course, how do the UI and the UX of these lifestyle apps compare? Let’s find out.

We’ll cover areas like onboarding, setting up your profile, usability, liking, and engagement. Whether you work on a lifestyle app or not, you’ll be able to get UX takeaways applicable to your product.

To access the full UX app analysis, download your copy by clicking on the following button or image.  

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Angela Gomez Sanchez
Ángela Gómez Sánchez

Passionate about linguistics and helping you deliver the perfect app experience.

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