Important Update regarding the new App Store compliance guidelines

Update April 15: UXCam is compliant with the new Apple Guidelines.

Important Update regarding the new App Store compliance guidelines 1

Update April 15: We have a compliant SDK that removes the screen recording and instead uses the schematic representation of the app to draw shapes and visualize app-behavior. Learn more here: 

There is a new article published on App Analyst, in which a mobile expert found that the Air Canada iPhone app was not properly masking sensitive data on session replays gathered by another session recording tool.

In response to this finding, Apple now requires developers to disclose or remove their use of analytics code that allows them to record how a user interacts with their iPhone apps:

“Our App Store Review Guidelines require that apps request explicit user consent and provide a clear visual indication when recording, logging, or otherwise making a record of user activity.”

We share Apple’s concern equally and consider data security and privacy to be of paramount importance.
Our goal is to help you understand your users’ journey and deliver an optimal user experience, and privacy and security is paramount for us and we go to extended lengths to ensure user data remains private.
In doing so, we take measures way and beyond to ensure customers’ privacy through:

  • We do not sell data or track across apps
  • We ensure Privacy by design
  • We provide a highly secure platform

We do not sell data or track across apps: Our aim at UXCam is to deliver a platform for understanding user experience. We do not profile or track end-users across apps or never have or will share/sell data to any third-parties.

We ensure Privacy by design: At UXCam we respect your and your customer privacy. We adopted Privacy by Design, it is a way of thinking about and acting in favor of your privacy in advance and building privacy into our services. When you use UXCam, we automatically block out sensitive fields and allow you to choose what parts of your app should be blocked. We provide fine granular API that allows you to block sensitive information.

We provide a highly secure platform:
We take extended measure to ensure data is highly secured and meet the highest security and data privacy standards including the EU’s GDPR.

Read our full privacy statement here.

What we are doing:

To comply with the new Apple guideline, we are making multiple product changes and will be providing you with a new SDK soon that’s compliant with the Apple guidelines.

As a first step towards the compliance with the new Apple guidelines, we have disabled the screen recording on your iOS app.

We are also making significant changes on the product for compliance where amongst other changes,

  • by default, the screen of the device will not be recorded,
  • the end user needs to consent before the screen is captured.

What you need to do:

Apple is enforcing developers to remove all SDKs that do not request explicit user consent for screen recordings.

We have disabled the screen recording on your iOS app and are working on making changes to our SDK for compliance. However, to ensure continued access of your App to your users, we recommend you to remove the SDK and resubmit the app to the Appstore until further notice in a couple of days.

For Android, no changes are needed. UXCam continues to work on Android.

We will be keeping you informed on further development in this regards. Please get in touch with us, if you have any additional questions or concerns.