A new product, a new team, a new UXCam

The new UXCam puts your users back in focus.

A new product, a new team, a new UXCam 1
We are happy to announce to you that, based on your feedback, we completely rebuilt UXCam. Check it out here!

We are excited to finally share with you what has been happening at UXCam in the last months.

Our goal at UXCam is to give our customers a deep understanding of their users and enable them to deliver great experience through the most advanced user experience analysis tool in the market. We believe that number-driven tools alone cannot provide such insights.

To this end we greatly extended our product and management team by bringing on board Dr. Silvanus Alt and Dr. Andre Scholich, two experienced data scientists, to connect the dots between qualitative and quantitative user experience analysis.

On the Marketing and Sales front Stefanie Elssner, Jonas Kurzweg and Kai Xiong joined our team, to improve our communication with the outside world. Additionally, Raj Shrestha, an experienced UX Designer, joined our forces.

Together we have been working hard to relaunch UXCam and provide even better insights for you.


Why a new UXCam?

The fast changing world of mobile apps requires an intensified customer-focus to stay ahead of the ever growing competition. And we believe by analyzing how users experience your app in their everyday life, you can build empathy required to make the right product decisions.

Therefore we rethought UXCam to help our customer put themselves in their user’s shoes.  Part of this rethinking process are the new features that will be added to UXCam in the next weeks and months. The new dashboard was built completely ground-up that makes it easier to add new features, so you can expect regular updates from us.

What’s new?

A simple, clear dashboard, tailored to answer your questions

We listened to your feedback and designed a new UXCam that is easy to use and helps you make more out of the Session Recordings from your users. This new design is optimised to help you answer specific questions.
Figure out what’s going on in particular sessions, understand different user stories and  dissect your app down to the individual screens.


Advanced Session Recording and Replay


UXCam Session Replay

Now you can define exactly what kind of sessions you want to record, based on screens or events that you can easily select on our dashboard. This way you can be more selective and make more of the valuable data you get. In addition, you can also select your users’ sessions to be recorded when they are offline.

Watching your users’ sessions and showing them to your team becomes easy:

– New playlist replay functionality
– Full screen showing
– Screen selective replay.

Advanced User Analysis


A new product, a new team, a new UXCam 2

How does a typical user of your app behave? And what does a typical customer journey, for example from first sign-up to first purchase, look like?

We developed a new tool that enables you to zoom in on individual users, and dissect their whole user story:
You can see from where they used your app, how typical usage patterns look like (in the morning, on weekends, etc) and watch all their sessions in chronological order to see what exactly they did when.

Our new alias tool assigns random names to your customers dependent on their location, making it easier to connect to them, and to talk and think about them.


Advanced Screen Analysis


A new product, a new team, a new UXCam 3

Our new Screen Analysis tool helps you to identify the most important screens of your app. Understand the impact of every single screen and optimize them accordingly.

See navigation patterns, usage statistics, crash videos and heatmaps for different device types and selectively watch what happens in all sessions on a particular screen.


What’s with the new logo?


usability testing tool

With launching a new product and starting a new era of UXCam we decided that it’s time to adapt our logo and our branding.

The simplicity of the new logo signifies the importance of clarity and intuition in good UX design. The triangle in UX represent the replay feature, and the smiley signifies your most valuable asset: happy users 🙂

Coming soon

We see this new dashboard as the first step to an even more comprehensive tool for you to make sense of your users’ behavior.

To extend the functionality, we work on two fronts:

1. We develop new Machine Learning approaches to automatically spot problematic sessions

2. We will soon include more advanced session commenting, sharing and tagging tools to foster the collaboration in your team and make the cross-discipline UX discussion easier.

We are excited to have you joining us on this journey. Please check out the new dashboard here!

A new product, a new team, a new UXCam