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How To Understand Your User Flow in 10 Seconds

How To Understand Your User Flow in 10 Seconds

Analyze the big picture of your app in one single view

January 11, 2021 by Jonas Kurzweg

screen flow analysis

UXCam’s newest feature, Screen Flow, gives you the option to see how users flow through your app. With this insight, it’s easy to find hidden bottlenecks and increase conversion rates.

Here’s why you should use Screen Flow:

  • You spend too much time coming up with hypotheses and want a quick way to discover unusual patterns

  • You don’t understand why certain tasks aren’t finished and want to understand where users go

  • You don’t want to spend weeks tracking events and need a reliable solution without set up

UXCam Screen Flow

UXCam Screen Flow

You can find a short showcase of Screen Flow here:


To sum it up: You can now quickly understand the big picture and gradually drill down to individual user journeys.

How To View Your App’s Screen Flow

  • It is already live in your account if you use UXCam.

  • Don’t use UXCam yet but want to see your app’s screen flow? Join the world’s best app makers who use UXCam – Sign up for a free trial

Jonas Kurzweg

Jonas Kurzweg

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