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UXCam Updates: Rage Tap Heatmaps, Session Sharing and More

UXCam Updates: Rage Tap Heatmaps, Session Sharing and More

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April 3, 2019 by Jonas Kurzweg

UXCam product updates

Here are the major product updates for UXCam in March.

Rage Tap Heatmaps

You can now filter Heatmaps for Rage Taps.

Here is an example from a test app.

image 3-1015x1024png

The Rage Tap Heatmap shows a large amount of activity on the “Cart” and “Summary” tab.

This example indicates that a lot of customers are clicking on those tabs assuming that they are responsive, but got frustrated as they are not.

Learn more on how you can automatically surface customer frustrations through this ebook.

Session Sharing

FireShot Capture-162-UXCam-Dashboard-appuxcam_com_-1024x925png

You can now share sessions directly from the dashboard. You also have the option to attach a personal message for context.

You can generate a public link so that people don’t need to use your UXCam Account to see what you shared.

Simply select sessions from the session table to share them – or share them directly from the session view.

Screen Entry and Exit Rate Graphs

image 2-1-1024x886png

We repositioned the Entry and Exit Rates and gave it its own tab on the screen page.

This allows you to see from where users come to the screen and where they leave. You can also see the break down of Entry / Exit by App Version, OS version and Device.

Go to the dashboard to try the new features yourself.

Jonas Kurzweg

Jonas Kurzweg

UX, marketing & product nerd. Coffee enthusiast. Working at UXCam. Leave me comments if you have any!

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