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Pricing is based on monthly visits

Enterprise plan

Ideal for Large enterprise businesses


billed quarterly

Custom monthly user sessions
and team members

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Sample size: Custom
Data retention: Custom
Optimization consultation
Dedicated account manager
Custom branding
API access

Pro plan

Ideal for Startups & small businesses


billed quarterly

or $249 month to month

Upto 5 million user sessions
3 team members
+ $20/member/mo


Sample size: 25,000 recordings
Data retention: 3 months

Starter plan

Ideal for individuals


Upto 10,000 user sessions
1 team member


Sample size: 100 recordings
Data retention: 1 months

All plans include

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Pricing FAQ

How does UXCam count “Monthly visits"?

A visit corresponds with a single user session in your app and ends after your app has entered the background. The visit includes all screen views and events.

What if I exceed the limit for my plan?

Your bill is under your control, we won’t ‘automatically’ upgrade your plan. Once you exceed your plan's monthly limit, you'll receive an email asking you to upgrade. You'll need to do this before you can record more sessions.

Can I change plans or cancel?

Absolutely. You can upgrade/downgrade your plan or cancel your subscription at anytime you want.

Will UXCam affect the app's bandwidth and performance?

It uses less than 1MB of bandwidth per minute of video and adds no perceivable overhead to App performance.

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Try UXCam for Free. No credit card required.