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How successful product managers prioritize with EOS scorecards

Learn how to implement the entrepreneur operating system (EOS) scorecard system into your business. Populate your dashboard easily by tracking metrics with UXCam. 

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Mobile app product managers can learn how to get real time snapshots of progress in our webinar, "How successful product managers prioritize with Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) scorecards". 

Our special guest, Todd Furness, Director of Product Management & Onboarding for Job Nimbus will be speaking to Jennifer Morton, UXCam Enterprise CSM Team Lead about the effective prioritization framework he uses for his app, and how you can do it too.

Here’s what you can expect:

icon insights

What is the EOS and scorecard system?

Get an intro to EOS and the scorecard system used to align product teams.

icon event analytics

Set up an EOS scorecard 

See how a real product team sets up their scorecards and populates them with UXCam.

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Align and maintain accountability

Learn how to quickly identify where progress is being made and areas where support is needed.


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    Jennifer Morton

    Enterprise CSM Team Lead,
  • Profile Guest Todd Furness

    Todd Furness

    Director of product management

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