The UXCam Startup Scholarship

The following terms apply :

  • No more than 30 employees
  • Not a current UXCam customer
  • No more than $1 million raised in funding
  • Must be backed by capital through any of the following: Venture Capital, Business Angels, Incubators, Accelerator, Company Builder, Startup Studio

Verification of funding is required in order to qualify for the program. This can be provided via a funding announcement from the investor, a bank statement or SAFE note. Please email any proof of funding documents to when submitting your application to expedite your application review.

If you are unsure if you meet a certain requirement, please apply anyway and we will verify with you over the phone.

Disclaimer :The determination of eligibility will be made at UXCam’s sole discretion. If you have specific questions about your eligibility, please contact us. Program valid for one year beginning at the Plan Term.

Start up scholarship

Why do Startups choose UXCam?

Regular analytics tools are best for companies that have a lot of users. New products usually have less customers that need more attention each! Understanding every individual user’s experience is crucial to transitioning from the launch phase into your growth phase as a company.

Why Choose UXCam?

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