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10 apps with best user onboarding flow

We have previously written about user onboarding, getting started with it. As a follow-up, in this post we will look at 10 apps that gets it right.

1. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn, a professional social network has 400+ million user base across 200 countries. The LinkedIn app has a consistent user onboarding flow across different devices. So whatever mobile devices your use, you get the same feeling.

As you download LinkedIn app you see a simple message, “Make the most of your professional life”, giving you the hint of what the app is about. You can swipe through the screen to know about the benefit of using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn User Onboarding

The LinkedIn app has a progressive onboarding flow, where the app guides you into setting up your profile. As you login, you are welcomed with a personalized message.The initial user onboarding is divided into 4 stages, first completing your personal information, then email confirmation, next the app asks you to follow LinkedIn groups and thought leaders and lastly it suggests you people you might want to add to your professional network.

After you finish the profiling, you get into the main app page. The main app page is divided into two section, one a menu section with customizable tabs. Then a page feed, with a message “Nice! you are all set”, brining in a human touch to the app.

2. Instagram

Instagram, the most used photo sharing app provides an easy to navigate onboarding experience. It allows you to signup either using your email id or you can connect using facebook. In just three steps of signup process you are into the main app page.

Instagram User Onboarding

In consistency with their message “Signup to see photo’s and videos of your friends”, it lets you import contacts from your facebook or your phone whom you can follow. You can also follow celebrities and other public figures.

With their in-app guide, it shows lets users know that by tapping on the camera icon you can share your first photo or video. After that the process of sharing is self explanatory. Instagram is a great app with perfect example of function oriented user onboarding.

3. SoundCloud

Soundcloud is a popular music social network app. It allows you to signup using your email id or either through facebook or google. After its one step signup process you are asked to “continue” according to the terms and conditions of the app. Next, it asks you to allow the app to send you newsletters to your email. After than you are done and into the main app page.

In the main app page, you can follow people based on given hash tags. Given its minimalist user interface design, user with any background can explore through the app to search music, follow users or stream their own audio or podcast.

4. Flipboard

Similar to flipping through the pages of magazines, Flipboard has one of the best onboarding experience that starts before you even sign up to the app. The news and blog curation app, welcome you to the app, with a flip marked in the first page itself giving you the insight into how to use the app from the very beginning itself. As you flip the first page you can see an great UI page where you can select the topic of your interest.

Flipboard User Onboarding

Next you are asked to sign up, by the time user is somewhat acquainted with the app usage. Giving you the choice to signup with Google, Facebook, Twitter or email, you soon enter the main page of the app and start to flip through.

5. MyfitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter and diet plan app to help you gain weight, loose weight or maintain your weight. This app has a nice onboarding experience, for an app with many features.

After letting you signup with facebook or your email, the app guides you through your goal for using the app. Let us say your goal is to gain weight. The progressively asks you about your height, weight and your goal of how much weight you want to gain. And the first stage onboarding ends. Only thing that the app comes to fault at onboarding is when the app asks you to fill in your username and password, even though you signed up using facebook.

After you have set up your goal, the has a step by step guide to get you acquainted with the functionality of the app. You can then start filling in your daily diet of breakfast, lunch. How much water you consumed.


Even Though you app needs to be self explanatory with good usability, but incase your app has tough features, holding your user’s hands to show them around is a good approach. MyfitnessPal is one good example of using progressive onboarding combined with function oriented onboarding.

6. FourSquare

Foursquare, a search and discovery app to find places, restaurants, clubs etc. has one of the best user onboarding. As you use the app for the first time, the app welcomes you with a nice message and then you are ready to use the app. Yo do not need to sign up to the app and start using its service. The app shows message in between to guide you to use the app and even asking you to signup using your social media accounts or your email.

foursquare user onboarding

7. Strava

Strava, a social network site for athletes and cyclist, helps track your runs and rides through GPS. App with millions of users, Strava is quick to onboard users.

strava user onboarding

It allows users to either sign up through facebook, google or email. As you signup, you are directed  the page where you can import your facebook contact or search users by their name. After you are done following people, the next screen is about using the app by starting your activity i.e. running or riding. After that you are up to yourself to checkout the rest of the functionality. That must be easy with less cluttered UI.

8. Tinder

Tinder, a location-based dating and social discovery application is another app with great onboarding experience. The app facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app uses facebook to signup and then you’re all set to go.

tinder user onboarding

With its simple to use UI, as you start using the app feature for the first time, the app let’s you know what that means with a popup message. Within seconds you are set to use the app as if you’ve used it for ages.

9. Expensify

Expensify is an app that helps you track, manage and report your expenses. This financial app has a nice user onboarding flow. Before sign up, the app screen tries to communicate the benefit of the app to the users.


The signup process of expensify is the simplest among any app. You just provide your email and you can later set the password from the email they send you. The app has clear message and CTA, letting you know what to do. For the first time the app guides you with pop up messages. Rest using the app is self explanatory. And the app also does not impose you with many different things in a page rather one page has one idea.

10. HootSuite

A social media management platform, HootSuite allows you to manage all your social media from one place. Hootsuite lets you sign up with google, twitter, facebook or email.

hootsuite user onboarding

After you are signed in, the app asks you to connect to your social media accounts that you want to manage through hootsuite. With two step into the app you are ready to use it.

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