10 Apps With the Best User Onboarding Flows

Create the perfect app by learning from the best.

10 Apps With the Best User Onboarding Flows 1

Everyone has their own approach to user onboarding. Here at UXCam we think it is a good idea to reverse-engineer what successful players are doing and learn from them to create your own flow.

Let’s look at 10 apps that get user onboarding flows right.

1. LinkedIn User Onboarding Flow

LinkedIn — a professional social network — has a 740+ million user base from over 200 countries.

The LinkedIn app has a consistent user onboarding flow across different devices, meaning that regardless of whichever mobile device you choose to use, you have the same experience.

When you download the LinkedIn app and open it, you see a simple message: “Make the most of your professional life.” This gives you a hint of what the app is about.

You can swipe through the screens to learn about the benefits of using LinkedIn.

This app has a progressive onboarding flow where the app guides you into setting up your profile.

User Onboarding Flow

As you log in, LinkedIn welcomes you with a personalized message.

This divides the initial user onboarding into 4 stages:

1. Complete your personal information.
2. Receive an email confirmation.
3. Follow LinkedIn groups and thought leaders.
4. Get suggestions of people to add to your professional network.

User Onboarding Flow

After you finish setting up your profile, you are taken to the main app page.

LinkedIn divides the main app page into two sections. Fist, a menu section with customizable tabs; then, a page feed with the message: “Nice! You are all set”, which brings a human touch to the app.

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2. Instagram User Onboarding Flow

Instagram — the most used photo-sharing app — provides an easy to navigate onboarding experience.

It allows you to sign up either with your email ID or with your Facebook account.

instagram onboarding

Facebook then uses the power of its social network to do the work for you and provide you with prefilled form fields. It also suggests friends that already use Instagram. This creates FOMO: fear of missing out. FOMO serves as a motivation trigger to complete the onboarding flow.

Instagram gives you the option to follow celebrities and other public figures — chances are that these suggestions are based on your Facebook friends.

onboarding flow instagram

Instagram is a great app with a perfect example of how to create FOMO to push users to register.

3. SoundCloud User Onboarding Flow

SoundCloud is a popular music social network app. It allows you to sign up using your email address, Facebook account, Apple ID or Google ID.

Note that the email field is highlighted the least because it’s likely to have a lower conversion rate due to the increased friction.

soundcloud onboarding flow

After its one-step sign-up process, SoundCloud asks you to continue by accepting the terms and conditions of the app.

Afterwards, it asks you for your age and gender — possibly to gain a better understanding of audience demographics.

soundcloud account creation

Next, the app asks for consent to track what you do within it. In turn, it offers you personalized ads. Then you are done and can enter the main page.

SoundCloud does not bother explaining the benefits or functionality of its app — instead, you can immediately start exploring music.

This is great onboarding because the UX is self-explanatory and SoundCloud gets users to the aha moment as fast as possible.

soundcloud aha-moment


The aha moment occurs when the user experiences the value of an app for the first time.

Get users to the aha moment as fast as possible!

On the main app page, you can follow music based on playlists. Given its minimalist user interface design, users with any background can explore the app to search for music, follow users or stream their own audio or podcast.

4. Flipboard User Onboarding Flow

Similar to flipping through the pages of a magazine, Flipboard has one of the best onboarding experiences that starts before you even sign up for the app.

This news and blog curation app welcomes you with a flip marked on the first page, giving you from the very beginning a visual into how to use the app.

As you flip the first page, you see an exceptional UI page where you can select the topics you are interested in.

Flipboard User Onboarding Flow

Next, Flipboard asks you to sign up. By this time, the user is somewhat acquainted with dynamics of the app.

Giving you the choice to sign up with Google, Facebook, Twitter or email, it ensures that you easily enter the main page of the app and start flipping through.

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5. MyFitnessPal User Onboarding Flow

MyFitnessPal is a calorie-counting and diet plan app to help you gain, maintain or lose weight. This app has a nice onboarding experience, particularly considering the amount of features it has.

After letting you sign up with Facebook or email, the app guides you to set your weight goal.

Let’s say your goal is to gain weight. The app will ask you about your height, current weight and your desired weight so it knows how much you want to put on.

The only hiccup in user onboarding takes place when the app asks you to fill in your user name and password, even though you already signed up using Facebook.

After you have set up your goal, MyFitnessPal has a step-by-step guide to get you acquainted with the functionalities of the app. You then fill in your daily diet and how much water you consume, and you’re all set to start tracking your fitness.

Myfitnesspal User Onboarding Flow

Typically, apps should be simple to use with little to no instruction. But what about when they offer more complicated features that you can’t pick up that easily?

Holding your user’s hand to show them around is a good approach. MyFitnessPal is a good example of using progressive onboarding combined with function-oriented onboarding.

6. Foursquare User Onboarding Flow

Foursquare — a search and discovery app to find places, restaurants, clubs and more — has one of the best user onboardings. As you use the app for the first time, it welcomes you with a heartwarming message and then you are ready to use the app.

You don’t need to sign up to be able to start the service. The app shows messages in between to guide you while you’re using it and even asks you later on to sign up with a social media account or email.

7. Strava User Onboarding Flow

Strava — a social networking site for athletes and cyclists — helps track your runs and rides through GPS. With over 55 million users, Strava is quick to onboard them.

Strava onboarding top 10 User Onboarding Flow

It allows users to either sign up via Facebook, Google or email. When you sign up, it directs you to a page where you can import your Facebook contacts or search for users by name.

The next screen after following people directly asks you to begin to use the app. It encourages you to start an activity like running or riding and, after that, you are on your own to check out the rest of the functionalities.

Their approach is presenting you an easy and relevant task with a tidy and simplistic UI.

8. Tinder User Onboarding Flow

Tinder — a location-based dating and social discovery application — is another app with a great onboarding experience.

The app facilitates communication between mutually interested users. Once users have matched, they are offered the option to chat. It uses Facebook to sign you up, and then you’re all set.

With its simple use of UI, whenever you stumble upon an app feature for the first time the app explains it to you with a pop-up message.

Within seconds you will be using the app as if you had been on it for ages.

9. Expensify User Onboarding Flow

Expensify is an app that helps you track, manage and report your expenses. This financial app has a user onboarding flow we can get behind.

Before signing up, the screen tries to communicate the benefits of the app to the prospects.

Extensify onboarding top 10 User Onboarding Flow

The sign-up process of Expensify is the simplest among any app.

Just provide your email address and you can later set the password from an email that will be sent to you.

The app has a clear message and CTA, letting you know what to do. The first time that you use it, Expensify will guide you with pop-up messages.

The rest of the experience of using the app is self-explanatory. It also does not impose much on the user on any given page, but rather keeps it simple by only exploring one idea per page.

10. Hootsuite User Onboarding Flow

A social media management platform, Hootsuite allows you to manage all your social media from one place. It lets you sign up via Google, Twitter, Facebook or email.

Once you are signed in, the app asks you to connect the social media accounts that you want to manage through it. After only two steps, you are ready to use the app.

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What is app onboarding?

App onboarding is the process of introducing new users to your app, ideally with the goal of retention and long-term engagement.

What is an onboarding flow?

The onboarding flow is the sequence of steps that users take when they use your product for the first time.

How can I improve my onboarding flow?

You should monitor your onboarding with tools like UXCam. This will enable you to discover opportunities in your current onboarding flow.

10 Apps With the Best User Onboarding Flows