Best of Product Management: Advice, Mindset & Roadmaps

The best articles for Product Managers from the last two weeks

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In the last curated list we’ve summarized a list of articles about the topic “Product Management and Communication”.

This week we’ve again read and summarized the newest, most interesting and most relevant articles for Product Managers.

5 Pieces of Terrible Advice That New Product Managers Get

Everybody has to start somewhere.

As a new product manager, you ask experienced Product Managers what they focus on and what they avoid. You ask for experiences and tips.

This is a good way to learn, but some of this advice can be bad. Neal Iyer describes 5 pieces of terrible advice that you get as a new Product Manager. He also helps you with some real tips that you should follow.

As a Product Manager, you often start from zero. 

Productness: A mindset to design digital products and services

Building up a new product can be difficult. What should you focus on first? What is the most important?

Johannes Holl created a list which guides you through the process of designing a digital product. He introduces 5 steps, from the first idea to the final “wow moment”.

To outline how the new product should look like, how the development process should look like and to simplify the communication with stakeholders, it’s important to plan properly. Product Roadmaps will help you with this.

Why do you need a Product Roadmap Document for your Startup

There are differences between product roadmaps for big tech companies and the ones for small startups.

However, the general construction and the goal of both are the same. This article describes the main purpose and focuses on product roadmaps for startups.

In a further article, TechPM describes how you can create a Product Roadmap for your startup.

In one of our own articles we’ve introduced some great Tools to create Product Roadmaps.

6 Great Tools for Product Roadmaps

We hope you’ve never used Word, Excel or PowerPoint to create product roadmaps. These tools are not tools for product roadmaps. The 6 tools we’ve explained will help you to visualize your plans.

Once you’ve planned and built up your product you should bind the customers to your company.

3 Ways to Increase Trustworthiness of a Product

To not just create your user base but to bind the customer to your product they need to trust you. Or would you buy a brand again which you don’t trust?

“Trustworthiness, while not a metric you may think much about as a product manager can have a huge impact on the success of your product.” (Product Tape)

Have you seen or written an article we could include in our next curated list? Feel free to share it in the comments! We’ll review it and possibly add it to the next list.

Best of Product Management: Advice, Mindset & Roadmaps