6 Amazing Product Roadmap Tools

Good tools are 'half of the work'


Every project and every product development needs a roadmap.

A roadmap summarizes the vision, direction, priorities, and progress of a product. It is a step-by-step guide which visualizes the way from the current status to the finished product.

Before you try to create a product roadmap with Word, Excel or PowerPoint (which are no actual Product Roadmap Tools!) you should have a look at this list. I’ve summarized different tools, in no particular order, to create visual roadmaps for projects and product development.

#1 Product Roadmap Tool Prodpad (we at UXCam use this one)

Product Roadmap tools Prodpad tool
Source: Prodpad

Pricing: starting from $99.00/month

Platforms supported: web based

ProdPad offers several functionalities: roadmaps, Kanban, idea management, collaboration, product portfolio and reviewing. Integrating different product development tools like JIRA, Trello and Pivotal Tracker allows you to start with your existing data and avoids double work. Integrating customer service platforms like Salesforce and Pipedrive allows you to work instantly with customer feedback.

#2 Product Roadmap Tool Airfocus.io

airfocus.io Product Roadmap tools
Source: airfocus.io

Pricing: starting from $29.00/month

Platforms supported: web based

Another great tool to create Product Roadmaps is airfocus.io. It has an easy-to-use drag and drop functionality. The UI is clear and nice. The advanced scoring system allows you to prioritize tasks. You can invite team members and stakeholders to get a more accurate prioritization. Airfocus.io offers different types of visualisation, e.g. Kanban board, timeline and bubble chart depending on your team and stakeholders’ interests.

Sharing features make it possible to pass your roadmaps to viewers and work together. Airfocus.io integrates with your existing workflows and tools like Jira, Trello, GitLab and Asana.

#3 Product Roadmap Tool Roadmunk

Product Roadmap tools Roadmunk
Source: Roadmunk

Pricing: starting from $19.00/month

Platforms supported: web based

Roadmunk helps to visualize the product development process. It offers multiple different roadmaps for different tasks like upcoming sprints, project roadmaps to update stakeholders and release roadmaps to plan for a long term. Several options like timelines and swimline views make the roadmaps work for every use case.

Collaboration features make it possible to share, discuss and interact with the roadmap. Integrating Jira, a data import from CSV files, to export in different popular files and operability using drag-and-drop makes Roadmunk user-friendly and easy to implement in existing environments.

#4 Product Roadmap Tool Product Plan

Product Roadmap tools Product Plan
Source: ProductPlan

Pricing: starting from $39.00/month

Platforms supported: web based

Product Plan is another tool to create visual product roadmaps in several versions for different audiences with different expectations and demands. A drag-and-drop interface allows us to create product roadmaps quick and easy and makes Product Plan user-friendly. Integrating different management tools like Jira, CTST and Pivotal Tracker is possible. Data implementation from these tools makes it easy to start with your existing data. An export of the created roadmap to PDF, image or spreadsheet makes it easy to share your plans.

A feature to summarize different roadmaps to one big picture allows you to get a full picture of your plans.

#5 Product Roadmap Tool Roadmap.space

Product Roadmap tools Roadmap.space

Source: Roadmap.space

Pricing: starting from $19.00/month

Platforms supported: web based

“We help product managers turbocharge their development process by making it easy to  centralize feedback, prioritize ideas and delight users by shipping exactly what they’re looking for.” (Roadmap.space)

Roadmap.space helps to track which features your users want, store your ideas and build interactive roadmaps. It allows you to communicate your product roadmaps to customers and stakeholders. Feedback channels and user portals give you the chance to react to users wishes and issues. Integrating of several tools like Trello, GitHub, Slack, JIRA and Pivotal Tracker is possible.

#6 Product Roadmap Tool Casual

Product Roadmap tools Casual
Source: Casual

Pricing: starting from $7.00/month

Platforms supported: web based, iPhone app, Android app

Casual is a different kind of roadmapping tool. It helps you visualize your project as a series of steps, tasks and dependencies. The usage is easy and intuitive. “With Casual, you’ll know how your project is going and who is doing what.” (Casual)

Conclusion about Product Roadmap Tools

Product Roadmaps help you visualize your ideas and plans and make them easy to understand for your audience. They ease communication and planning.

Have you tried any of these product roadmap tools? Or can you recommend another tool which is not listed here? Let us know in the comments.

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