7 Astonishing Mobile Ecommerce UX Statistics (Infographic)

The digital transformation changes consumer behavior. These Mobile Ecommerce UX Statistics are eye-opeming for every UX designer.

Online Shopping Statistics

Going to the city, walking through different shops and trying to compare different offers can cost time and nerves.

Today it’s quite easy to get what you need on the internet.

When designing an ecommerce app, there are certain aspects you have to keep in mind if you don’t want to lose the customer before he purchases. The following infographic shows 7 astonishing mobile ecommerce UX statistics.

Mobile Ecommerce UX Statistics

7 Astonishing Mobile Ecommerce UX Statistics

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  • 68% of the potential customers wouldn’t submit a form if it requires too much personal information
  • 55% of customers have bought a product online after discovering it on social media
  • 70% of mobile searches lead to action within one hour. (It takes a full month for the same percentage of desktop users to catch up.)
  • 68% of the “digital window shopper” so this on their smartphone for fun
  • 77% of those make impulsive purchases
  • The Top 5 mobile Shopping Problems:
    • Need to enlarge the screen to click (33%)
    • Long page loading time (25%)
    • Just “full size” version offers all functionalities (17%)
    • Too small texts (17%)
    • Frustrating checkout process (17%)
    • Not enough product information (12%)
  • 4 out of 5 Americans are shopping online
  • 51% of them buy via cellphone or smartphone
  • 15% of them buy on a weekly basis
  •  Customers think online recommendations are:
    • are more trustworthy than personal recommendations (7%)
    • are less trustworthy than personal recommendations (34%)
    • are as trustworthy as personal recommendations (59%)

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7 Astonishing Mobile Ecommerce UX Statistics (Infographic)