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Top 8 Android Analytics Tools 2022

Top 8 Android Analytics Tools 2022

“Without analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” — Geoffrey Moore

February 10, 2020 by Annemarie Bufe

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The Android app market is highly competitive. To position oneself well and gain a competitive edge, android app analytics solutions are essential.

They provide insights into the users’ behavior, uncover weaknesses, and allow you to deliver the best user experience.

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android analytics stats

The general trend: Competition has increased in the last few years (Source: Statista)

Best Android Analytics Tools for mobile apps.

In one of our previous articles, we’ve already looked at the basics of mobile app analytics. You can read about it here.

Comparing different mobile app analytics tools and choosing the best for your Android app is a time-intensive task.

There are a lot of android app analytics tools that provide different functions and have different pros and cons. We did the research for you.

To help you with your decision, we’ve done extensive research and found the 8 Best Android Analytics Tools for mobile apps.


    Google Firebase Analytics


    iOS / Android Analytics


    Free / Paid (starts at $25/month)


    Google Firebase not only provides you with analytics capability but also provides infrastructure. It’s an all-in-one tool that also allows you to send push notifications and provides you with the mobile app version of Google Analytics.

    firebase features


    • Provides an easy setup for Backend as a Service (BaaS) without having to maintain your own servers or speed effort scaling the app with a service cluster

    • Optimized for real-time apps


    • The free plan is small compared to competing products

    • Marketing tools are not very robust (though if you have a simple requirement, having one interface can be a plus)

    Read more about top Firebase competitors and alternatives for product teams.

    UXCam App Analytics

    Best Android Analytics tools UXCam


    iOS / Android Analytics


    Free / Paid


    UXCam is a solution that helps you to understand the behavior of mobile app users.

    It helps to improve retention, improve app KPIs, and make product decisions with confidence.

    The difference to other analytics tools is the focus on behavior (qualitative) analysis, rather than number (quantitative) analysis.

    The feature set includes Session Replay, Heatmaps, User Analytics, Funnel Analytics, KPI Analytics, and more.

    The #1 reason to use UXCam is simple: You don’t want to be blind.

    “32 percent [of IT professionals] learn about application performance issues from end users” – ManageEngine

    UXCam enables you to understand what users actually do inside your app.

    In addition, UXCam is a reliable market leader in behavioral app analytics. The world’s best app makers, for example, OLX, TaskRabbit or NBC use UXCam.

    analytics for android app


    • Unresponsive gesture detector

    • Rage click detector

    • Qualitative android app analysis

    • Session Replay: See session replays of users using the app

    • Heatmap: Provides heatmaps for each screen

    • User journey analysis

    • Doesn’t require event instrumentation


    • Doesn’t integrate with Slack (only able to share data manually)

    UXCam offers a trial with 100,000 free sessions and unlimited features. Claim yours now.

    Amplitude Android Analytics

    Amplitude alternative analytics


    iOS / Android Analytics


    Free (up to 10 million user actions per month) / Paid


    Amplitude’s biggest strength is generating automated reports.

    Amplitude features


    • Intuitive web interface

    • Generous free plan: Free for up to 10 million user actions per month

    • Custom dashboard: Allows you to create a custom dashboard based on each department’s needs

    • Integration of Amazon Redshift


    • Doesn’t include notification features on product usage (which can be achieved with third-party tools)


    Mixpanel alternative android analytics


    iOS / Android / Web Analytics


    Free / Paid (starts at $999/year)


    One of the biggest strengths of Mixpanel is the ability to create and monitor funnels.

    Mixpanel alternative features


    • Intuitive web interface for analysis

    • Live view: allows users to view the live activity of the users on your site

    • Behaviour messaging: allows you to send notifications on product usage

    • Automatic iOS event integration: allows you to set events through an online visual interface

    • Funnel feature


    • BaaS uses no-sql and although it has an advantage in scaling, it can be a disadvantage if you are managing large amounts of highly structured data

    • The analytics features are premature compared to Firebase and Amplitude

    Flurry Android Analytics

    Flurry alternative android analytics


    iOS / Android / web




    Flurry has a big advantage if you are on a budget: It is free. It also supports multiple apps at the same time.

    Flurry alternative android analytics


    • Free

    • Extensive and detailed

    • Allows you to monetize your app or promote your app through ads

    • Allows you to compare your app’s metrics with benchmarks for that category


    • Depth of analysis is not as robust as other quantitative tools

    • It’s hard to identify errors


    Countly alternative android analytics


    iOS / Android / Web Analytics


    Free / Paid


    Countly focuses on understanding customer journeys.

    Countly analytics feature


    • Open source, allows to host on-premise

    • Broad platform coverage (SDK for 15+ platforms)

    • Easy to use

    • Track (sets of) events and use segmentation


    • The free community additions are limited in features

    • Works with a limited set of strict server requirements

    Adobe Analytics

    Adobe analytics alternative


    iOS / Android Analytics




    Adobe Analytics is an enterprise solution that has a focus on customer and marketing analysis.

    Adobe analytics alternative features


    • Custom implementation

    • Easy to build custom reports


    • Complex implementation requires third-party vendors

    • High entry price point

    Localytics Android Analytics

    Localytics Alternative android analytics


    iOS / Android / Web Analytics


    Free / Paid


    Localytics is an app analytics solution that focuses on marketers.

    Localytics Alternative


    • Incorporates analytics tools and marketing tools together

    • Allows you to send push notifications to segments and individual users

    • Compare apps (with paid version)


    • Limited amount of correlations restricts the analysis that can be done

    • Lack of an external API


    This concludes the list.

    Start using UXCam for free in your android app right now.


    What’s Google Analytics for Android?

    Google Analytics for Android is included in Google’s SDK “Google Firebase”

    How do I use analytics for my Android App?

    Choose your preferred analytics vendor(s). Then integrate the SDK of the vendor in your app.

    It should be noted that most analytics vendors offer support for both Android and iOS.

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