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Mobile App Tracking: Best Tools 2022

Mobile App Tracking: Best Tools 2022

The best tracking tools for mobile apps.

August 16, 2020 by Jonas Kurzweg

mobile app tracking tools

If you’re reading this, you’re here because you need a get a better idea of how users use your app.

This article will tell the best mobile app tracking tools to do so.


    What is Mobile App Tracking?

    Mobile app tracking refers to the process of capturing data points for mobile apps. These data points could be metrics like user count, session count or device usage.

    You can track your mobile app with the help of SDKs. You can add an SDK to your app by adding a few lines of code. This enables your app to communicate to 3rd party services via APIs.

    Need some help with choosing the right SDK? Check out The complete SDK guide

    I think it’s important to note that mobile app tracking is especially useful when it comes to user behavior analysis. Solutions such as UXCam automatically capture micro-interaction data-sets. This means that every gesture and every action can be analyzed.

    mobile app tracking process

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    Why is Mobile App Tracking Important?

    Mobile app tracking tools help you to understand how users behave with your app.

    Which feature of your app is the most popular? What do users like or dislike? These questions are important for the future success of your mobile app.

    Therefore, the choice of your mobile app tracking tool can have a big impact. I thought it’d be helpful to research the market-leading tools for you, so that you can make a decision with confidence.

    Best Mobile App Tracking Tools

    We searched for the best app tracking tools, and this is our selection of the best three solutions.


    best mobile app tracking dashboard

    UXCam is the leading in-app analytics solution that combines both quantitative and qualitative analytics.

    It gives you a deep understanding of user behavior and helps to improve your app’s KPIs.

    While serving 10,000 apps, including Nissan, NBC or Vodafone is a big feat, the true power of UXCam is the ability to give you the complete context of your app and your users.

    Essentially, by giving you a 360-degree view of your app, UXCam gives you access to data-informed decision-making.

    best mobile app tracking tool

    UXCam enables you to easily understand the complete user journey, uncover user struggles automatically, and find opportunities on each screen.

    You can use Heatmaps and Screen Flow to find hidden bottlenecks and understand where users drop off to increase conversions.

    Customers of UXCam say that UXCam is the core tool to build their product.

    UXCam mobile analytics review

    You can start using UXCam for free right now


    flurry analytics

    Flurry Analytics grants app tracking and analytics for companies to observe user interactions over multiple mobile apps.

    You can see data from each one of your apps to get a holistic picture of users’ actions with any app and quickly match behavior trends across your iOS and Android apps.


    CleverTap is a user engagement tool for mobile apps, that offers extensive user insights, robust segmentation, and personalized outreach. With CleverTap, you can retain users with personalized push notifications, and better understand their decisions. You can also trace user uninstalls.


    Mobile app tracking is one of the most important parts of managing a mobile app. It can make the difference between shifting your app in the wrong or right direction.

    Reach out for a FREE demo to learn more about how you can use UXCam for your mobile app tracking.

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