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Top 19 Mobile App Analytics Tools in 2024


2 April, 2024

Jonas Kurzweg
Jonas Kurzweg

Growth Lead

mobile app analytics tools

With so many mobile app analytics tools competing for a place in your tech stack, finding the right fit can be daunting.

But with careful consideration and an eye for detail, you'll soon find yourself equipped with the perfect tool to measure success.

According to a Harvard Business Review study, researchers found that “businesses that integrate multiple sources of customer data significantly outperform other companies.” They also had dramatically higher total shareholder returns.

That's why it’s time for a detailed comparison of the best mobile analytics tools on the market today. We did extensive research to find the list of 19 best app analytics tools and software to help you choose the right solution for your mobile app.

Helpful summary

  • Overview: We introduce you to the best mobile app analytics tools so that you can make an informed decision for your app.

  • Why listen to us: Over 37,000 apps use UXCam's app analytics, including giants like Rappi and Costa Coffee.

  • Why it matters: Knowing how the best mobile app analytics platforms stack up in terms of important features like cost, depth, and usability will put your mobile product development on the right track.


“Build, improve, grow.”

Google Firebase analytics tool

G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Platform: iOS / Android

Price: Free / Paid

Firebase offers a one-stop shop for app development needs, combining analytics and infrastructure into an all-inclusive service. One of the main advantages of using Firebase is that it offers a wide range of features, including analytics, crash reporting, hosting, and A/B testing, all under a single product.

G2 gives Firebase a rating of 4.5 out of 5, and it is available on iOS and Android platforms. The tool is free to use, but paid options are available for those with higher traffic volumes.


  • Hosting: Firebase provides a hosting service that allows developers to host their apps on a scalable infrastructure.

  • Crash reporting: Firebase includes a crash reporting feature that helps developers identify and fix issues that cause their app to crash.

  • Test Lab (for Android): Firebase's Test Lab is a tool that allows developers to test their Android apps on a variety of devices and configurations.

  • Application performance monitoring: Firebase lets you monitor, identify and troubleshoot issues.

  • Google Analytics: The mobile app version of GA is included in Firebase.

Pros and Cons


  • Advanced crash-reporting.

  • Secure database.

  • All-in-one tool for quantitative analytics, A/B tests and hosting.


  • Limited customization possibilities.

  • Can get expensive for apps with high traffic.

Guide to mobile analytics

UXCam App Analytics

“Deliver the perfect app experience.”

mobile app analytics heatmap app analytics

G2 Rating: 4.7/5

Platform: iOS / Android / React Native / Flutter / Xamarin

Price: Free trial / Pricing upon request

That's us! With UXCam, you get a 360-degree view of your app's performance.

Our platform offers more than just basic metrics - it gives you a deep understanding of user behavior and helps you to interpret data.

  • With KPI dashboards, you get comprehensive insights into user behavior that let you dive deep into the user journey.

  • UXCam's session recordings and heatmaps reveal the hidden story behind user behavior, unearthing key insights that can help eliminate friction.

  • With UXCam's funnel analytics, you get an in-depth understanding of what drives users to convert or drop off. Unlock valuable context that can help you optimize your funnel for better results.

  • With crash analytics, you reduce crashes and save valuable developer time by replicating every crash in under 30 seconds.

What customers say about UXCam

UXCam Mobile App Analytics Review

"Wish I found UXCam sooner"

UXCam Review

“For that bug alone, UXCam paid back our year’s subscription.”

Mobile App Analytics Tool Experience

"Such a good tool, indispensable!"

UXCam is installed in over 37,000 apps. Customers have reported higher conversion and retention rates since they started using UXCam:

  • Coca-Cola's Costa Coffee increased user registration by 15% with UXCam

  • increased feature adoption by 20% with UXCam

  • PlaceMakers doubled sales with UXCam

UXCam offers a free plan and a free trial. You can integrate UXCam into your mobile app in 5 minutes with one code snippet.

Now, let's dive into what makes UXCam the best analytics for mobile apps.


  • Take advantage of in-depth behavior analytics: With detailed analytics including heatmaps, screen flow analysis & funnel tracking – UXCam can be your single source of truth for user behavior.

  • Improve app performance: UXCam provides invaluable insights into potential user experience issues, alerting you to crashes, UI freezes and handled exceptions that are easily preventable.

  • Understand user journeys: UXCam's tracking capabilities allow you to see the complete user journey, helping you understand how users interact with your app and identify areas for improvement.

  • Increase conversion rates: By identifying and addressing user struggles, UXCam can help increase conversion rates and improve the overall effectiveness of your app.

  • Customizable dashboards: UXCam's customizable dashboards allow you to track the performance metrics that matter most to your app and easily understand how your app is performing.

Pros and Cons


  • Captures all micro interactions.

  • Qualitative analytics: Session replay and heatmaps.

  • Quantitative analytics: Funnels & customizable KPI dashboards.

  • Lightweight SDK.

  • High data security.


  • Limited free plan

  • Taps are not preserved when videos are exported

Types of mobile app analytics

If you have any questions about UXCam, reach out for a 1:1 demo.


Product analytics for product people.”

mixpanel mobile analytics

G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Platform: iOS / Android / Web

Price: Free / Paid (starts at $25/month for 1K users)

Mixpanel tracks user interactions and allows you to build custom reports. This mobile app analytics platform lets you evaluate user actions by segmenting them and by creating funnels.

One of the key features of Mixpanel is the ability to segment user actions and create funnels to understand how users are interacting with your app. This can be especially useful during the onboarding process optimization.

In addition to tracking user interactions, Mixpanel also provides information about data points such as location, device, and channels, which can give you insights into your users' demographics and behavior. Overall, Mixpanel is a good tool for understanding user behavior and optimizing your app for the best possible user experience.


  • A/B testing.

  • Funnels.

  • Engagement tracking.

  • Available for both mobile and web.

Pros and Cons


  • Can define detailed events.

  • Allows for easy audience segmentation.

  • Fast software.


  • It's time and resource intensive to setup.

  • Build for web, mobile app tracking lack behind.

  • Limited date range for user flows.

mobile app analytics tool mixpanel


“Analytics for modern product teams.”

amplitude mobile app analytics

G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Platform: iOS / Android

Price: Free / Paid (starts at $2K/month)

Free up to 10 million user actions per month. If your app exceeds that, you must go for an annual contract that starts at $2K/month on the lowest plan.

Amplitude is a robust quantitative analytics tool. Its features and use cases are comparable to those of Mixpanel.

One of the key features of Amplitude is its ability to track user actions and analyze user behavior. It provides a range of tools and metrics that can help you understand how users are interacting with your app, including tracking user events, analyzing user demographics, and identifying areas for improvement. You can also use Amplitude to create custom reports and funnels to understand how users are progressing through your app and identify any areas where they may be struggling or dropping off.


  • Real-time app analytics.

  • Retroactive funnels.

  • User segmentation.

  • Scalable analytics.

  • Retention rate detection.

Pros and Cons


  • Customizable dashboards.

  • Fast support.

  • Strong cohort & funnel analytics


  • No auto-capture.

  • Needs training and support.

  • Time-intensive to define events.

mobile app analytics comparison amplitude


“Mobile app survey and user feedback”


G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Platform: Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter, Unity SDK and Segment integration

Price: Free trial/paid plans start from $119 per month

Survicate is a survey tool used to collect customer feedback across various channels, including mobile apps, email, websites, and in product. It’s user-friendly, allowing you to set up and launch surveys in minutes, all thanks to its AI-powered survey creator and pre-made templates.

With Survicate, you can run surveys on specific screens and events within the mobile app and select a group of users you want to collect feedback from based on factors such as traits, the device used, or the operating system.

What’s more, you can easily design your surveys using your brand colors and style.

When it comes to drawing conclusions from the feedback you receive, the analytics dashboard helps you quickly understand what your customers are telling you. And with the automated AI text answer analysis, you can get an organized summary of the main feedback topics without sifting through every single response.


  • Display in-app surveys to a chosen percentage of the audience using survey sampling

  • Automate recurring mobile surveys

  • Effortless configuration of the mobile survey SDK

  • Survey logic

Pros and Cons


  • Clear and simple integration process.

  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics.

  • Excellent customer support and resources.


  • Limited answering options.

  • Limited customization options on the free plan.

  • Some integrations are only available on premium plans.


“360° web and mobile application analytics.”

countly Mobile Analytics Tools

G2 Rating: 4.1/5

Platform: iOS / Android / Web

Price: Free / Paid

Countly provides an overall analytics picture for web and mobile. It offers a real-time, open-source mobile analytics application that can be hosted on your own servers.

One of the key features of Countly is its ability to track user behavior and provide a range of metrics and tools for understanding user actions. It offers a range of features for tracking user events, analyzing user demographics, and identifying areas for improvement.


  • Open-source application.

  • Extensible via plugins.

  • On-premise or private cloud.

  • Retention analysis.

  • Funnel analysis.

Pros and Cons


  • Allows on-premise hosting.

  • Plugin extensions possible.

  • Push notification capabilities.


  • Unintuitive UI.

  • Limited cohort and event tracking.

  • Time-intensive setup.

Mobile App Analytics Comparison Countly

Apple App Analytics

“For the ultimate iOS developer.”

iOS app Mobile Analytics Tools

G2 Rating: N/A

Platform: iOS / tvOS

Price: Free

Apple App Analytics is included with the Apple Developer Program membership and doesn’t require any implementation.

Although with limited capabilities, it’s a decent mobile app analytics tool. It should be paired with another more advanced one.


  • Usage data.

  • Sales data.

  • App Store data.

Apple iOS mobile app analytics

Pros and Cons


  • App store performance.

  • Basic app engagement and usage.

  • Marketing campaign tracking.


  • Available for only iOS.

  • No in-app analytics.

  • Only shows basic KPIs.

Adobe Analytics

“Know why they come to your apps. Know why they stay. And know how to keep them.”

Adobe Mobile Analytics Tools

G2 Rating: 4.1/5

Platform: iOS / Android

Price: Paid

Adobe Analytics gives you the tools you need to understand your users.

This app analytics tool is priced for enterprise clients only. Adobe Analytics provides you with real-time analytics and detailed segmentation.

It provides a range of features for tracking and analyzing user behavior, including tools for understanding customer journeys, identifying trends and patterns, and measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Adobe Analytics also offers a range of integrations with other Adobe products and third-party platforms.


  • Flow exploration.

  • Fallout analysis.

  • Custom histograms.

  • Cohort analysis.

  • Contribution analysis.

Pros and Cons


  • Custom implementation.

  • Personalized reports.

  • Attribution analysis.


  • Complex implementation.

  • High entry price point.

  • Hard to use at the beginning.

  • Software can be slow.

Mobile app analytics Adobe Analytics


“Connecting with the mobile generation”

Glassbox analytics

G2 Rating: 4.7/5

Platform: iOS / Android / Web

Price: Paid

Glassbox provides digital experience analytics across mobile and web. They focus on journey mapping, but have many more features, listed below.

However, it is not as comprehensive or feature-rich as some of the other options on the market. It may lack some of the advanced tracking and analysis tools offered by other platforms, and may not be as scalable or flexible in terms of integrations and customization. While Glassbox Digital may be suitable for some apps, those looking for a more robust and comprehensive solution may want to consider other options.


  • Session replay.

  • Crash analytics.

  • Network and device performance.

  • Interaction mapping.

  • Engagement analytics.

Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive tool.

  • User identification.

  • Session replay.

  • Conversion funnels.


  • No free trial.

  • Reporting could have more depth.

  • Frustation tracking could be improved.


Upland Localytics

“Your results matter.”

Localytics push analytics Mobile Analytics Tools

G2 Rating: 3.9/5

Platforms: iOS / Android

Price: Free / Paid

Upland Localytics is a marketing solution for mobile apps. It offers a robust push notification capability. It’s a great tool for tracking retention metrics & attribution models across your apps.


  • Sessions and events.

  • Retention.

  • Attribution.

  • Uninstall tracking.

  • LTV.

  • Mobile CRM.

  • Cloud support.

Pros and Cons


  • Focus on marketing analytics.

  • Segmented push notifications.


  • Limited amount of correlations.

  • Limited product analytics features.

Upland Localytics mobile app analytics


"More human analytics"

Contentsquare analytics

G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Platforms: iOS / Android / web

Price: Paid

Contentsquare predominantly focuses on web analytics, but it also has a solution for mobile apps. Users can customize content and journeys as well as get a better understanding of why users uninstall.


  • Visual journey analysis.

  • Zone-based heatmaps.

  • Session replay.

  • Struggle analysis.

Pros and Cons


  • Good support and onboarding.

  • Clear and easy to interpret data.

  • Zoning analysis and session replay.

  • Integration with AB testing tools.


  • Mapping feature can be improved

  • Steep learning curve

  • No free trial period


App Radar

“A mobile growth partner you can rely on”

App Radar - mobile analytics tool

G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Platform: iOS/Android/Web

Price: Paid (starts at $59/month for 5 apps) 

App Radar enhances app visibility, improving your user acquisition rates. The platform offers a unique combination of AI-powered tools that draw from a significant pool of data, making it easier for app developers and marketers to achieve growth and success with their apps.


  • Unified View of Essential App Metrics

  • App Health Insights

  • Keyword Ranking

  • Ratings & Reviews

  • App Store Performance

  • Conversion Rate Analysis

Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface

  • Comprehensive functionality for higher app rankings

  • Effective keyword tracking

  • Efficient onboarding process

  • Instant Optimization Score feedback for user acquisition strategies


  • Lacks in-depth app analysis

  • Inability to customize reports

  • Absence of readily available metrics


‘’It’s easy to make good choices when you have good insights’’

AppsFlyer analytics for mobile apps

G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Platform: Android / iOS / Web / PC / Console / CTV / OTT

Price: Free / Paid (plans start from $0.07 per conversion)

AppsFlyer provides a wide range of features across its plans, from basic analytics tools to advanced solutions like fraud protection, audience segmentation, and custom APIs. Users can choose the plan that best fits their requirements to leverage the platform's capabilities for app growth and optimization.


  • Mobile Attribution & Marketing Analytics

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Attribution Modeling

  • Audience Segmentation

  • Social Media Metrics & Retention Tracking

  • API for Integration

Pros and Cons


  • Seamless integration capabilities.

  • Multi-channel attribution and analytics.

  • Real-time reporting & tracking.

  • Extremely competitive pricing


  • Needs improvement in evaluating affiliate partners.

  • Challenges in distinguishing between actual and cohort revenues

  • Limited dashboard customization

  • Steep learning curve


‘’Zero time chasing data. More time driving growth.’’

Singular app analytics tool

G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Platform: C++, iOS, Unity, Android

Price: Free / Paid ( $0.05 per conversion )

Singular focuses on empowering marketers to achieve a complete view of their marketing ROI by integrating next-gen attribution with full-funnel marketing data and robust fraud prevention mechanisms.

The platform stands out for its ability to measure and report across all marketing channels, including apps, web, SMS, referrals, email, and TV, through an open integration framework. Singular is known for working with leading marketing teams globally, such as Lyft, Twitter, Rovio, King, and LinkedIn.


  • Market and Keyword Intelligence

  • ASO Workflow

  • Ratings & Reviews Management

  • App and Ad Performance Tracking

Pros and Cons


  • AI-driven market and keyword intelligence

  • Time-saving app store management

  • Personalized service 

  • Flexible contract periods


  • Limited customization options 

  • Basic analytical insights.


‘’Everything you need in one measurement and analytics suite’’

Adjust app analytics platform

G2 Rating: 4.1/5

Platform: iOS / SKAN / CTV / OTT  PC and console

Price: Free / Paid

Adjust operates as a part of AppLovin, catering to a global market. It's designed to serve marketers aiming to scale their apps across multiple platforms, including mobile and CTV. The platform is suitable for a diverse range of clients, from fast-growing digital brands to traditional companies venturing into mobile apps.


  • App Analytics and Attribution

  • Data Reporting and Visualization

  • iOS Measurement Solutions

  • CTV and OTT Measurement

  • Unlimited Raw Data Access

  • Marketing Automation and Segmentation

Pros and Cons


  • Detailed analytics

  • Reliable attribution for optimizing campaigns

  • Support for in-depth data analysis

  • Marketing automation tools


  • Complex user interface 

  • Steep learning curve


‘’Seize the Moment With Breakthrough Channel Capabilities’’

MoEngage mobile data analytics platform

G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Platform: iOS / Android

Price: Free / Paid up to 10,000 Monthly Tracked Users / Pricing available upon request.

MoEngage is favored for its user-friendly interface, robust feature set, and strong customer support. However, it has room for improvement when it comes to pricing and some aspects of its performance and features.

For those seeking a comprehensive marketing automation tool with excellent analytics and reporting capabilities, MoEngage delivers.


  • Behavioral Trends and Analytics

  • Funnel and Cohort Analysis

  • Custom Dashboards and Open Analytics

  • Dynamic Recommendations and Micro-segmentation

Pros and Cons


  • Customer journeys

  • Unified profile.

  • Detailed personalization

  • Uses AI and ML to predict actions

  • Multichannel transactional alerts 

  • Neat and intuitive


  • Expensive 

  • Integration challenges with other tools.

  • Overwhelming for complex cases

  • Slow service 

  • Limited personalized communication options.


‘’Empowering Marketers and Publishers’’

Kochava mobile app analytics software

G2 Rating: 4.0/5


Price: Free / Paid ( Enterprise: Starting at $2,000.00 per Month and Foundation: $500.00 per Month )

Kochava stands out as a comprehensive solution for mobile app analytics and attribution, providing valuable insights and tools for marketers to help them optimize their campaigns. Its focus on real-time data, user engagement, and fraud prevention, combined with extensive support and training options, makes it a solid choice for businesses aiming to improve their mobile app performance.

While there may be a learning curve for new users, the platform's robust features and positive user feedback indicate its effectiveness in driving app growth and enhancing marketing strategies​.


  • Real-time Mobile Attribution and Analytics

  • Unified Audience Platform (UAP)

  • Fraud Prevention

  • Data and Analytics

Pros and Cons


  • Instant app activity 

  • Campaign performance visualizations.

  • Detects and prevents mobile ad fraud

  • Automated, customizable push notifications

  • Accessible customer support.


  • Hard to use

  • Lacks a direct password reset option.

  • Data extraction methods are potentially confusing 


‘’Customer Journey Analytics’’

Woopra Mobile analytics software

G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Platform: iOS/ Android/ Web

Price: Free / Paid ($0 for 500,000 actions/month and $999 for 5 million actions/month)

Woopra is a real-time customer analytics service used by sales, service, and marketing teams to optimize customer engagements and improve conversion rates. It tracks users' activity across multiple touchpoints, integrating web, mobile, email, help desk, and more.

While Woopra is notable for its ability to integrate with several different marketing channels, the learning curve with this tool can be a bit prohibitive.


  • Customer Journey Analytics

  • Behavioral Segmentation and Customer Profiles

  • Retention Analytics

  • Real-time Triggers and Automation

  • Extensive Integrations

Pros and Cons


  • Real-time analytics.

  • Quick customer follow-ups.

  • Broad integrations cater to diverse business needs.


  • Complex and challenging to use 

  • Difficulties in adapting to the new user interface


“Flurry grows with you.”

flurry mobile app analytics

[Flurry shut down on March 15, 2024. We recommend switching to UXCam.]

G2 Rating: 3.9/5

Platform: iOS / Android

Price: Free

Flurry is Yahoo’s answer to the increasing demand in the app analytics market. It allows you to monitor user behavior across all platforms at no cost.

It should be noted that Flurry is free because they may share your data — anonymously — with third parties. While this may be acceptable for some users, others may prefer to use a paid app analytics platform that offers more control over data sharing.

Despite this potential drawback, Flurry is still a valuable tool for gaining insights into user behavior and optimizing your app for the best possible user experience. It provides a range of features that can help you understand how users interact with your app, including tracking user actions, analyzing user demographics, and identifying areas for improvement.

If you're looking for a cost-effective way to track user behavior, Flurry may be a good option to consider.


  • Free app analytics.

  • Events.

  • Funnels.

  • Segments.

  • Cohorts.

Pros and Cons


  • Free.

  • Easy to integrate.

  • Shows all basic app KPIs.



Mobile app analytics software like UXCam can help you discover invaluable insights that revolutionize the way you improve your app's performance. Instead of guessing what your users want, cut the guesswork out of the equation and use hard data to make informed decisions.

These tools enhance the user experience, boost engagement, and ultimately, increase your app's competitiveness in a crowded market. Don't let your app fall behind – utilizing mobile app analytics software is the key to unlocking its full potential.

This concludes the list. We’ll update this article regularly to catch up with the fast-moving analytics world.


What is Mobile App Analytics?

Mobile app analytics is the process of capturing, measuring, and analyzing user behavior data gathered from mobile platforms such as mobile phones, iPads, and mobile sites. The data is generated whenever users engage and interact with the mobile applications. The information collected can then be analyzed to measure how effective mobile platforms are in getting customers to complete an action.

Why are Mobile App Analytics important?

Without app analytics, you won’t know which features of your app are performing well and which are not. You’ll miss hidden opportunities and bottlenecks.

What are Mobile App Analytics tools?

A mobile app analytics tool is a software that helps you to monitor your app’s performance. Usually, these tools require the installation of an SDK (Software Development Kit) on your app.

What are the best mobile app analytics tools?

Here's our list of the best analytics tools for mobile apps that we recommend; UXCam, Firebase, Mixpanel, Flurry, Amplitude, Countly, Apple app analytics, Adobe analytics, Glassbox, Upland Localytics and Contentsquare.

How do you use Mobile App Analytics tools?

You need to install the SDK of your analytics vendor on your app. This requires adding a short piece of code. Make sure that you install both quantitative and qualitative mobile analytics software.

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Jonas Kurzweg
Jonas Kurzweg

Growth Lead

UX, marketing & product nerd. Coffee enthusiast. Working at UXCam.

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