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G2 Winter Report 2022: UXCam ranked #1 leader in Usability and Implementation for mobile app tools


12 January, 2022

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Jane Leung

Content Director

G2 Winter Report 2022 uxcam

We have the best customers! The team at UXCam wants to give a big thank you to all the clients who took time out of their day to review our mobile app analytics tool. Review site G2 released their annual Winter Report ranking the best products in different categories. The site scores products based on reviews from real users and data gathered from various online sources. 

An overwhelmingly high number of positive reviews placed on G2 has earned us the following badges of honor:

Momentum Leader in Mobile App Analytics Leader in Mobile Crash Reporting Best Usability (ranked #1) Most Implementable (ranked #1) Fastest Implementation Easiest Setup Easiest Admin Best Relationship Users Most Likely to Recommend Users Love Us

G2 issue the following reports and indices in each category based on reviews:

  • Usability Index 

  • Implementation Index

  • Results Index 

  • Relationship Index

Momentum Leader – Mobile App Analytics

We’re outpacing competitors as Momentum Leaders in the Mobile App Analytics category. This badge is awarded to companies that have top-ranking positions in several of the indices within the category. Momentum Grids show the growth trajectory that products have had in their respective spaces over the last year. According to G2, “Momentum Grid identifies products that are on a high-growth trajectory based on user satisfaction scores, employee growth, and digital presence.”

Here’s where UXCam shone: 

Implementation: We ranked #1 on the Mobile App Analytics Implementation Index. UXCam beat out the competition with a score of 8.84/10. The score was based on factors like ease of setup, implementation time, and user adoption.

Usability: Another #1 spot in the Usability Index, which measured how easy the product was to use, whether it met the customer’s requirements, and how easy the admin was. We led the top spot with an 8.84/10 score. 

Relationship: We scored a whopping 9.09/10 on the Relationship Index — a measure of the quality of our support, how likely people are to recommend us, and ease of business. 

What users have to say: 

“We love video sessions the most. It’s so helpful to see real people using our app in their natural environment vs. the usual user testing experience when you need to come up with a specific scenario or questions and then ask people who might not even use these features in real life to perform certain actions and provide their feedback.”

“The filters they offer are beneficial, so you don’t have to see many videos trying to find sessions with problems; with a couple of clicks, you get directly to those sessions with issues or tap rage.”

“I can see how users actually navigate through the product and quickly determine product changes that need to be made. This tool gives me great insight into which screens users tend to navigate to and what version of our app they are using.”

Leader in Mobile Crash Reporting

As a Leader in Mobile Crash Reporting, we ranked #1 in several related indices. Without crash reporting, product teams can’t receive alerts and resolve issues quickly. Products in this category have a crash reporting feature, including providing details of the crash duration, range and future impact. Here’s how we did:

Usability: We ranked #1 with an 8.87/10 score based on ease of use, ease of admin, and whether our tool met the users’ requirements. 

Relationship: Another #1 spot for us with an 8.92/10 score on the index based on ease of business, likeliness to recommend, and quality of support. 

Implementation: Not to sound like a broken record, but we beat out the competition and scored a #1 spot with 8.88/10 on the index. Ratings were based on implementation time, user adoption and ease of setup. 

What our customers have to say: 

“The super straightforward setup process, once we were officially in the system, we saw data coming through the same day (our app is generally pretty low-use compared to others I’m working with, about 500 active users a day).”

“Another essential thing UXCam offers is how easy it is to set up. The SDK works right away, and the customer service chat is available right away if you have any doubts or problems.”

“Very easy to get started with the iOS and the Android SDK. The SDK also allows us to hide PIA from the recorded videos, which is great!”

“Blown away by the performance levels! The app crash reports are very detailed (including the exact file and the line number) and super helpful to troubleshoot!”

“Additionally, the development team has also saved significant time figuring out crash issues by looking at session recording.” 

“We managed to solve most of the UX issues that our customers were facing. Our UI/UX Team [are] loving UXCam! For the Dev team, we managed to fix some App crashes using the UXCam Crash Reports!”

How are winners chosen?

Products are rated on G2 based on methods gathered from their user community and data aggregated from various online sources. They apply a unique algorithm to calculate the customer satisfaction and market presence scores in real time. 

According to G2, the reviews are calculated by:

  • The recency of the review

  • Amount of feedback provided in the review

  • Attribution (Did the reviewer keep their name and company public)

  • Whether the reviewer is a current user of the solution

  • Community engagement with the review

You can learn more about their Momentum Grid® Methodology on their site. 

Cheers to more happy customers in 2022

UXCam has some big things planned for 2022, and we want to give a big shoutout to our community and customers who take the time to give us feedback. We also want to give a big shout-out to the UXCam Customer Success team that works round the clock to help our customers build better, more user-centric mobile app products. 

Check out more of our reviews on G2 and, if you are a customer, we would be grateful if you left us one!

New to UXCam? Sign up for a free trial to experience our mobile app analytics tool firsthand.


work pic
Jane Leung

Content Director

Jane is the director of content at UXCam. She's been helping businesses drive value to their customers through content for the past 10 years. The former content manager, copywriter, and journalist specializes in researching content that helps customers better understand their painpoints and solutions.

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