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5 Best Product Feedback Tools 2024


29 May, 2024

Tope Longe
Tope Longe

Growth Manager

Product Feedback tools

Looking for the best product feedback tool that fits your needs?

As developers, we’re often at risk of falling into echo chambers. You're so close to your work that sometimes it's hard to see what might be missing or what could make it better. 

That's where product feedback tools come in. They break you out of your bubble and provide valuable insights from real users. But… which tools should you be using?

In this guide, we review five of the best product feedback tools on the market to help you make the right call.

Helpful summary

  • Overview: We evaluated the top five product feedback tools to see how they support mobile app development by enhancing user experience insights.

  • Why trust us: Our analysis is based on hands-on trials, providing a developer-focused perspective on user insights. 

  • Why it matters: User experience insights are crucial for improving mobile app development, helping us prioritize fixes, refine features, and deliver personalized engagement. This leads to more satisfied, loyal users.

  • Action points: Our top picks are UXCam, Mopinion, Smartlook, Usersnap, and Canny.

  • Further research: Check out the UXCam blog for more insights into mobile app development and user experience.

5 Best product feedback tools

  1. UXCam

  2. Mopinion

  3. Usersnap

  4. Canny

  5. Smartlook


First up? UXCam—a mobile app analytics platform for data-driven product teams.

Screen Flow New UI

We offer a suite of passive product feedback tools that combine to give you a holistic view of your product’s UX—from what features users are engaging with most to which screens are causing the most frustration.

Our goal? Help you answer tough, fundamental product questions in minutes with user data.

Key features

  • Session Replays: Captures user sessions to identify how users navigate the app and which features they use or struggle with.

  • Heatmaps: Visualizes taps, swipes, and long presses to reveal the most and least interacted areas.

  • User Analytics: Provides detailed analytics on user behavior, including device information, session durations, and user flow.

  • Funnel Analysis: Tracks users through specific paths to analyze drop-offs and conversion rates.

  • Crash Analysis: Automatically records sessions where crashes occurred to aid in diagnosing and fixing issues.

Pros and cons


  • Detailed and customizable insights for understanding user behavior

  • Intuitive dashboard for easy navigation and data analysis

  • Integrates seamlessly with other tools and tech stacks

  • Allows businesses to focus on the metrics that matter most


  • New users might need onboarding (but this is included on all paid plans!)

  • Only works for mobile apps

UXcam nov 2023 review


Mopinion is a versatile product feedback tool designed to collect, analyze, and act on feedback from multiple digital touchpoints. It caters to businesses looking to improve user experience by leveraging customer insights from web, mobile, and email channels.

mobile in-app feedback tool - mopinion

Key features

  • Feedback Collection: Supports various feedback forms, including surveys, polls, and open-text responses across web, mobile, and email.

  • Real-time Analytics: Offers detailed analytics and reporting to understand user feedback and derive actionable insights.

  • Customizable Dashboards: Users can create custom dashboards to monitor and visualize feedback data.

  • Sentiment Analysis: Automatically tags feedback as positive, negative, or neutral using sentiment analysis.

Pros and cons


  • Intuitive interface and easy to setup

  • Comprehensive and customizable dashboards 

  • Supports multiple channels


  • Pricing can be high for smaller businesses or startups

  • Not the nicest-looking tool


Usersnap is an all-in-one (active) user feedback platform that’s great for gathering targeted insights at scale. It offers features that help you catch bugs quickly, validate features with confidence, and collect input from users to guide development.


Key features

  • In-App Feedback: Capture feedback directly from your web application via customizable feedback widgets

  • Bug Tracking Integratins: Seamlessly integrates with popular bug tracking and project management tools like Jira, Asana, and Trello.

  • Surveys: Offers a range of survey templates, including NPS and CSAT, for gathering quantitative and qualitative data.

  • Annotated Screenshots: Users can annotate screenshots directly from their browsers or in-app.

Pros and cons


  • Intuitive UI

  • Integrates with many popular tools like Slack, Zendesk, and GitHub

  • Annotated screenshots offer detailed visual feedback


  • Smaller teams or startups might find it expensive

  • Requires initial customization


Canny is another active feedback tool that focuses on collecting feature requests and helping product teams close the product feedback loop with roadmaps and changelogs.


Key features

  • Feedback Collection: Collect feature requests and feedback from users through intuitive portals and widgets.

  • Roadmaps: Organize and plan development with prioritized feature requests and a public roadmap for transparency.

  • Changelogs: Keep users updated on the progress of their requested features with automated changelogs.

  • Voting System: Customers can upvote suggestions to prioritize high-impact features.

Pros and cons


  • Centralizes feedback and suggestions

  • Voting helps with prioritizing based on impact

  • Public roadmaps and changelogs build user trust


  • Higher price point for what you get

  • Setting up feedback boards can be time-consuming


Smartlook is a passive product feedback tool that helps you visualize user data. It offers a combination of qualitative (e.g., session recordings) and quantitative data (e.g., heatmaps) to understand how users interact with your product.

Smartlook - Mixpanel alternatives

Key features

  • Session Recording: Offers high-quality session replay to see exactly how users interact with your site or app.

  • Event Tracking: Automatically tracks every user action, providing a detailed breakdown of user behavior.

  • Funnels: Helps identify where users drop off in your conversion funnels, improving optimization.

  • Heatmaps: Visualizes user activity to understand navigation patterns and engagement.

Pros and cons


  • Installation via a simple JavaScript snippet or SDK

  • Offers a range of analytics features

  • Tailor event tracking and funnel analysis to specific needs

  • Connects with popular analytics, CRM, and project management tools


  • The pricing structure may be confusing

  • Requires time to understand and fully leverage the various features

  • Data retention is capped for lower-tier plans.


Our deep dive into these tools showed us the value of having direct insights into our app from the people who use it daily. Each tool has strengths, and you should design a product feedback stack that lets you gather and analyze the data most valuable to you.

Looking for actionable mobile product insights? UXCam is an all-in-one platform for collecting and analyzing passive mobile user feedback. With features like heatmaps, session replay, and crash reporting, you get a holistic understanding of how (and why) users use your product.

Get started with a free trial today.

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Tope Longe
Tope Longe

Growth Manager

Ardent technophile exploring the world of mobile app product management at UXCam.

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Tope Longe

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