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How Inspire Fitness used UXCam increase in-app user activity by 460%

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Inspire Fitness

Inspire Fitness is an industry leader with high-quality fitness equipment and streamable video workouts. Subscribers can access live and on-demand training sessions via phone, tablet or computer.

The Inspire Fitness app is scaling rapidly, with new instructors and training programs being added constantly. It plays a decisive role in the company's growth strategy.

UXCam features used:

  • Session Recording
  • Event Analytics
  • Issue Analytics
  • Heatmaps

460% increase

of time spent in-app over past 3 months

181% increase

in new user sign-ups over past 3 months

40% decrease

in total app crashes over past month

We wanted to make data-driven decisions on what content to push out next and evaluate how our instructors are doing. With UXCam, we get a holistic picture of the top performing content within the app and the instructors that drive the highest user engagement.

Neil Jain

Product Manager

The challenge

The fitness industry had already started steering towards a digital experience in recent years. Then, the pandemic accelerated the evolution of the real-time and on-demand home workouts we're so familiar with nowadays. The past 14 months have been pivotal in the Inspire Fitness growth story. They have gone from small-scale disruptor to leader in the realm of online fitness classes. This shift can be seen in the numbers: The total amount of active customers doubled, and the metrics around reserved and completed classes via the app also increased significantly. As the demand grew, the Product team wanted to get a holistic picture of retention and engagement across the product. The app is part of an integrated ecosystem — a customer purchases the specialized fitness equipment and then uses the app to tune into live or on-demand classes. This posed an analytics challenge for the team; to uncover meaningful insights from all of the quantitative data points they tracked. Some of their key metrics like DAU, MAU and real-time app performance stats were obtained through Mixpanel and Instabug. But the team realized the importance of drilling down deeper into qualitative data to get a nuanced understanding of typical user behavior. They hit a technical roadblock when they wanted to make data-driven decisions on the type of fitness content to publish on the app. There was no way that this question could be answered with the existing analytics stack.

The solution

We wanted a single, comprehensive solution to get a good picture about the health of the product from a qualitative perspective. UXCam helps us achieve exactly that.

Neil Jain

Product Manager

How Inspire Fitness implemented UXCam is a perfect use case for making strategic product decisions by leaning on qualitative analytics. The Product team worked closely with the developers to set and track the relevant app events they wanted to focus on. “We implemented these events in two hours. It was so easy to set it all up within the React Native SDK,” says Neil Jain, who is a product manager at Inspire Fitness. Before, they had no way of looking at the actual flow of users who complete a class and how they engage with the app. Session recordings offer real-time feedback and let the Product team view how users onboard, start training and navigate the Inspire Fitness app. Thanks to the custom events they set up, Event Analytics became the go-to place for measuring key KPIs. The team gets immediate insights into their most active customers, the workouts with the highest engagement, and the instructors that lead the most popular classes. This data-driven approach backed by qualitative analytics significantly impacted how the team measures success and defines new opportunities. Setting up the correct events to track is now part of every feature release. After the launch, the team gets a comprehensive picture of feature engagement through Session Recording, Event Analytics and Heatmaps. The feedback derived from this is used to make further iterations and influence the long-term product roadmap. The key KPIs tracked over the past quarter paint a spectacular picture. While new user sign-ups increased by 181%, the total app sessions and time spent in-app increased by 415% and 460%, respectively.

UXCam helps us be more proactive with finding new opportunities. The real-time user feedback helps us plan, define and iterate continuously.

Amanda Zavatchan

Lead Product Designer

App issue resolution is another area where the team made major strides. Thanks to Issue Analytics, the team has completely streamlined the process of crash resolution — they get real-time alerts on app crashes and freeze issues along with the affected sessions on UXCam. The team has set up a quick response procedure for negative app store reviews. By filtering down sessions by device or version types, they quickly identify the affected app sessions and work with the Customer Success team to escalate and rectify the situation. This approach showed clear results over the past 3 months: Total app crashes went down by 40%, while rage taps are down by 56%. It was a highly successful quarter that laid a solid foundation for future growth at Inspire Fitness.

What’s next?

Inspire Fitness will need visibility into granular data that drives crucial product decisions as it continues to scale. UXCam has become an integral part of this process and is now widely used by the Product, Engineering, and Customer Success teams. As the next step, Neil is now focused on tracking the key KPIs for marketing projects through UXCam. His goal is to make UXCam the one-stop solution for all conversion and drop-off data.

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