UXCam | Definition

What is UXCam?

UXCam is the market leader for qualitative app analytics.

The solution tracks over 100 Billion data points each month. It has hundreds of customers globally in all verticals. UXCam’s customer success team supports customers worldwide.

Recognizable customers of UXCam are Nissan, Orange NBC, OLX, Rappi, or Costa Coffee.

Why is UXCam Important?

UXCam is the only solution that is dedicated to qualitative mobile app analytics.

Whereas other, quantitative tools, focus on usage data, UXCam focuses on user behavior.

Example: You can use a tool like Firebase to monitor crashes. If a crash appears, however, it becomes a challenge to replicate it.

If you integrate UXCam with Firebase, you’ll receive the context for the crash. This allows you to solve the problem quickly and save valuable developer time.

Additionally, UXCam allows you to understand the true causes for friction and frustration, for example via User Journey Analytics or Funnel Analytics.

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