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Deliver a world-class mobile app experience, and stay on top of crashes and bugs. UXCam’s SDK is lightweight by design, and can be implemented in minutes.
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Track and eliminate technical issues in real time, before they reach your app reviews

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Crash analytics with integrated session replay

  • Match crashes to sessions, and replay the affected sessions to understand the full picture behind crashes
  • Track crashed sessions and affected users in real time, and export the detailed crash logs
  • Set up crash alerts via our slack integration, and stay up to date about crashes in real time
Dashboard with statistics and list of crashes

UI freeze analytics

  • Capture UI freezes, and identify sessions and users impacted by UI issues
  • Filter UI freezes by the average duration of the freeze, first and last occurrence, OS, and device
  • Easily export the logs for each UI freeze, and replay affected sessions in video format
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Handled exception reporting

  • Keep track of handled issues and ensure that your app can deal with exceptional states without breaking the user journey
  • Identify screens where handled exceptions occur using heatmaps and our screenflow analytics

Expand your issue analytics findings & gain deep user insights

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Screenflow mapping

Review the journey of users who experienced crashes or UI freezes.
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Screen heatmaps

Review heatmaps for the screens where crashes and UI freezes occured.
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Session replays

Rewatch the sessions of users who experienced crashes, UI freezes or handled exceptions.
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Embedded event analytics

Send custom events to UXCam, and find correlations between events and crashes. Rewatch specific events using session replays.

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You are in good company

The ability to view screen recordings of users has been incredibly helpful in addressing bugs and usability issues

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Seth Sandler

Software Engineer

“If something goes wrong within the app, UXCam is the first port of call to understand what's going on. playing a key role across multiple teams and is now an integral part of the company’s launch and live ops strategy.”

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Jon Kinney

Partner & CTO

"It's super intuitive, it gives you great info with minimum effort about different devices, helps see what customers experience first hand, plus the integration was super easy."

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Carine-Belle Feder

CTO & CO-Founder

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