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UXCam is the market leader in app experience analytics, empowering mobile teams with fast, contextual, and high-fidelity insights.

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Trusted analytics solution for world-leading brands:
Virgin Mobile
OLX Brazil
All-in-one mobile app analytics
From session recordings to advanced crash logs, we provide a comprehensive UX analytics platform for mobile product teams. It is the one-stop solution for all of your app performance and user behavior questions.
Empowering everyone on your team
We are focused on helping our customers scale by leveraging contextual analytics. We ensure this by empowering every stakeholder with the right kind of UX metrics.
  • Facilitate high velocity product development with fast, quality analytics
  • Break down silos to drive business outcomes together
  • Create delightful digital experiences built for the future
  • Understand reasons behind user drop offs and uninstalls
  • Incorporate ux feedback into ongoing research & development
  • Discover emerging user trends and propose new design solutions
  • Quickly get to the root cause behind app crashes and bugs
  • Ensure high quality development and release cycles
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to prioritize key stability issues
  • Perform tech-heavy investigations and resolve complex escalations
  • Constantly drive retention and up-sell by deeply understanding user intent
  • Work together with the team to quickly triage newly reported issues
  • Optimize campaigns with data to drive conversion and engagement
  • Run continuous A/B tests to measure campaign performance
  • Create detailed customer journey flows with key trigger points
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Battle tested SDK
UXCam’s lightweight SDK ensures smooth app performance. Video recordings are done on a background thread to maintain responsiveness. Data is uploaded when the app goes into the background.
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Privacy compliant
Our legally compliant architecture keeps your data safe. We automatically block sensitive fields and provide you with the right tools to prevent sensitive data from ever leaving your user's device.
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Easy integrations
You can seamlessly integrate your existing analytics tools with UXCam. This allows you to build the perfect analytics stack for understanding user behavior by connecting the right set of solutions.
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